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Almost everyone experiences an occasional night of lost sleep.  It is a natural,perhaps adaptive, response to acute stress.


If you are having trouble falling at night avoid naps in the early afternoon or evenings.


No matter how poorly you have sleep the night before, always set your alarm to arise at thesame time each morning.


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Whether you’re finally getting rid of your stock bumper or you’re looking for one with more functionality, picking the right bumper a confusing task. There


Looking for Dependable Drivers for Van OTR and Regional - Will review and consider all Dac and PSP Reports

We are family run, and small enough that you are not a number but a person! We are looking for dependable drivers residing in the Southeastern, Midwestern

Continue reading "Looking for Dependable Drivers for Van OTR and Regional - Will review and consider all Dac and PSP Reports "

change of tactics of words

not what they say anymore its how they list it .... my case all listed as lane-change sideswipe ... how will a employer see it,,,, yup you guessed it all

Continue reading "change of tactics of words"


Should you apply the parking brake, hand brake, and the service brake every time you park your truck?

Continue reading "Brakes"

I won't give up!

It has been the longest 10 years of my life. I served my 7.5 years got out and working restaurant jobs. I got my CDL A 2 months ago and I can't get a call

Continue reading "I won't give up!"

Dissecting The Pay Issue For Truckers

It’s no secret that one of the most hotly debated topics in the trucking industry deals with the amount of compensation that truckers are getting for his

Continue reading "Dissecting The Pay Issue For Truckers"

How to Properly Use Load Boards How To Properly Use Load Boards Need to find a load fast to keep your trucks moving? Well, Then you could always use a load board.

Continue reading "How to Properly Use Load Boards"

Time to drive your best with safety and professionalism

It’s a fact that driving is not for everyone. The life of a truck driver is all about living on the road, seeing the sites, meeting people from far and

Continue reading "Time to drive your best with safety and professionalism"

Improving the Health and Safety of Americas Roads

It’s not news that being a trucker can be a dangerous occupation. With the focus on logs and vehicle safety, we tend to forget about the most important

Continue reading "Improving the Health and Safety of Americas Roads "

Laws on training vs company policies

Is it against the law for a trainer to be asleep while a student drives a truck? And where can you find that law?

Continue reading "Laws on training vs company policies"

CDL training

Hello, I been trying to get my CDL on my own with no luck. So I tried to call various trucking companies that offer training to get your CDL. And I get

Continue reading "CDL training"

Kingpin locations

What's the value to having a 30 kingpin location in lieu of a 24 kingpin location?

Continue reading "Kingpin locations"

Mr trucker

I filled out my log book and I descoverd damage to headlight during my pretrip the later on at truck stop I went in side and came out and there was damage

Continue reading "Mr trucker"

new to the industry

I am attending an academy in a couple weeks to obtain my CDL and enter the industry. Do I need a passport to travel into Canada and Mexico?

Continue reading "new to the industry"

I have two sex offenses both felonies and have a damn good truck driving job

This is how you do it. Course I had prior experience driving. But after I got out of prison it did not take me long to figure out that these big corporations

Continue reading " I have two sex offenses both felonies and have a damn good truck driving job"


Hunger may disturb sleep.  A light snack, especially warm milk, seems to help people get to sleep.


Various foods stimulate the body and disturb sleep.  Avoid coffee, tea, and cola drinks near bedtime.  Avoid heavy meals.

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