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Almost everyone experiences an occasional night of lost sleep.  It is a natural,perhaps adaptive, response to acute stress.


If you are having trouble falling at night avoid naps in the early afternoon or evenings.


No matter how poorly you have sleep the night before, always set your alarm to arise at thesame time each morning.


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I have two sex offenses both felonies and have a damn good truck driving job

This is how you do it. Course I had prior experience driving. But after I got out of prison it did not take me long to figure out that these big corporations

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How to make the most of a reefer trailer?

Even the most experienced of shippers have absolutely no clue on the endless possibilities of increasing the profit margin by using a reefer trailer. Yes,

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Topher Newbie

I have no CDL and a past. Misdemeanor DWI 25 years ago (probation, dismissed, although one company still saw it), DWI 15 years ago, and a dismissed felony

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Jared Hudson

I applied with Stevens transport here in Texas and was denied because of a POM Charge. I did probation for 3 years and finished it on 2/11/2015 and it

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Security Touch Points That Can Make Defence Truck Management Better

Truck management is a tough field to work in. Problems like longer operation time, unoptimized time routing and notorious drivers are common. You can never

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HI I enjoy the videos. I am a trucker slash retired coal miner. Ì spent a lot of years as a company driver most of which I worked for dupont 15 years

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Felony & DUI CDL help

Me and My husband are getting ready to start CDL school in march. We are currently trying to find a company that is for us. My husband has a felon on his

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You say that if we have 2 or more felonies that we can't get a job as a truck driver?? But I've already been offered a job with training and they know

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8 Forklift Parts to Get Examined When Availing Forklift Repair Services

Most of the forklift repair services and construction companies use many forklift trucks. This kind of trucks are an essential requirement to maintain

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Maintaining Proper Nutrition On The Road

When you're on the road, it's understandable - there is a distinct lack of food options when you are doing your best to get to your destination on time.

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1985 Kenworth W900

Old School Trucker! Trucking since 1978. Montana based small flatbed carrier. Restored my 1985 W900 Cummins Big Cam 111 400HP 13 speed. Old school rules

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New truck driver

Hi my name is abdisamad I have had felony in my recod and I got CDL view months ago I applied several companies in my city phoenix AZ unfortunately they

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2 Major Crimes

At the very top of this website it says if you have any one of these 2 major crimes listed below. You can not by federal law become a truck driver. The

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A Detailed Analysis of the DOT Clearinghouse Rule for CDL Driver Drug and Alcohol Results

The Department of Transportation is establishing a central database to contain all of the relevant drug and alcohol testing information for commercial

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Electronic Truck Driver Logs

Electronic Truck Driver Logs: An Increase in Safety for Everyone? If you’re not employed in the trucking industry, you might have missed what has turned

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Hunger may disturb sleep.  A light snack, especially warm milk, seems to help people get to sleep.


Various foods stimulate the body and disturb sleep.  Avoid coffee, tea, and cola drinks near bedtime.  Avoid heavy meals.

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