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AutoSock for Trucks, is a heavy-duty fabric covering that fits over the truck's drive wheels just like a sock and take the place of snow chains. Tests have shown it takes only about five minutes to install the Auto Sock.

Auto Sock for trucks is a fabric that slips over a vehicle's outer driving wheels, providing extra traction on snowy and icy roads. It also can be installed over the tire in much less time than traditional chains.

CDOT engineers, the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) and trucking experts analyzed the Sock and, based on initial test data, recommended a "probationary approval" to verify the device actually performs well in winter driving conditions. The evaluation was conducted during the 2008-2009 winter season for commercial vehicles (both single and double axle) exceeding 26,000 GVW.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will give large trucks the option of using an alternate traction control device known as the Auto Sock(tm) this winter.

The Colorado Department of Transportation, USA, has granted its final approval for Auto Sock for Truck as an alternate traction device. Truck drivers in the Rocky mountains now have a quick and easy alternative to metal chains when driving on slippery roads.

Unexpected winter weather can create driving conditions demanding more traction than conventional tires--or even snow treads -- can provide.

Auto Sock is a new and innovative light weight fabric-based traction aid for cars and trucks that is easy to mount and provides a satisfactory grip on slippery surfaces as snow and ice.

Auto Sock, a high-technology textile tire covering, utilizes GripTech® technology. Specially patterned fibers optimize grip on slick surfaces by managing the thin layer of water on top of ice and snow. Through its weaving pattern and thousands of small fibers Auto Sock clings to snow and ice, increasing vehicle traction, improving safety and adding to driver confidence.

It works at speeds up to 30 mph on snow and ice.

Auto Sock is available in different sizes to fit most vehicles (consult the dimension table at

AutoSock should be fitted to the drive wheels.

Auto Sock can be used with and improves electronics safety systems such as ESP, ASC+T, ASR, ABS.

AutoSock works with vehicles having low clearance between the tire and the body and/or between the tire and the suspension.

Known as the “Auto Sock for Trucks,” the device is a heavy-duty fabric covering that fits over the truck's drive wheels just like a sock. Tests have shown it takes only about five minutes to install the Auto Sock on four wheels, compared to up to 45 minutes for tire chains.

According to CDOT engineer Bernie Guevara, the agency performed a great many “elaborate tests” to ensure the sock was as effective at providing traction as the chain.

“We were pretty impressed,” Guevara said. “It gives drivers another tool and it's easy to do. It's also not as hard on the roads.”

Comfortable While Driving – Maximum Speed 30 Miles per Hour (mph) AutoSock does not produce the loud rattling nor the bumpy ride associated with snow chains. AutoSock does not damage the vehicle structure or alloy wheels and are approved for speeds up to 30 mph (50km/h). Nevertheless, the driver's speed should remain appropriate for the weather and road conditions.

Auto Sock will greatly enhance traction on snowy or icy surfaces. It is recommended that Auto Sock be removed when the vehicle returns to roads where no snow or ice is present. Driving on dry or wet roads is not recommended as it increases fabric wear considerably. Simple to Install and Remove Even in Cold Weather.

Auto Sock is likely to be wet and probably dirty. They should be put back in their storage bag using the gloves provided. After reaching the destination, it should be dried and the dirt shaken out, and can be machine washed. AutoSock is reusable, easy to store and should be put back in the vehicle for the next time a rare snow or ice storm arrives!

A recent decision by the Colorado Department of Transportation, however, might alleviate some of these winter driving dangers. C-DOT has approved the use of "Auto Socks" for trucks -- fabric "socks" that slip over wheels and take the place of snow chains. The socks install in five minutes, versus 45 minutes for chains, and perform better than chains. Though they face fines for going chainless in hazardous conditions, truck drivers are frequently loath to stop by the side of the highway to install chains -- fine or no fine, hanging around the side of an icy highway is never a welcome idea. But trucks without chains can slide out and jackknife, causing endless delays up and down I-70. Easier installation means drivers are more likely to use the preventative gear, and more trucks with more control means a safer drive for everyone. “We're thrilled,” Greg Fulton, president of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association told the Vail Daily regarding C-DOT's decision. “Safety is really the issue here, because the longer drivers are outside their truck, the greater the danger.”

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