Bad DAC Report

by Mike
(Tampa, Fl)

If you have a bad dac report, are you pretty much done for? Is there any jobs you can get?

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Nov 24, 2011
bad dac report
by: Anonymous

Ok generally local small companies do not subscribe to dac so what I have done in the past is reserch the companies that do not subscribe and then delete the bad ones from my employment history and manipulate my emplyoment dates from the good jobs. I have 2 felonies 1 for theft over 100k (truck) and I have never had a problem finding employment I currently have a job with a big company that serves the auto industry and they do check dac and I still got the job. If your gonna be an outlaw you gotta be smarter than the average driver and stay employed. And at some point you gotta be smart and realize that if your gonna keep driving a truck you gotta straighten up because the day of the outlaw is numbered.

Nov 24, 2011
not really
by: Bruno.

You can always buy your own rig.

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