Becoming a Trucker.

Becoming a trucker.

Are you trucker material? Trucker jobs are waiting for the right drivers.

By: Jessie Stone

There are many awesome reasons to become a truck driver. If you like to travel and see the road a trucker career may be perfect for you. A recent boom in younger drivers is in progress as older drivers decide to move out of the business. The high pay is what lures many truckers with a newbie averaging around $35,000 a year. In just a few years a trucker can be bringing in around $50.000 a year.

Some owner operators have been know to make around $100,000 a year. Owning your own rig can be expensive but well worth the investment. Becoming a company driver may be a good way to get your feet wet and learn about trucking before you decide to you buy a rig.

Another sweet thing about becoming a trucker is the family aspect. Truckers acquire a tight bond on the road that often leads to lifelong trucker friends. Many friends have been made at truck stops and rest areas as truckers enjoy breaks from the road. On-line interaction is becoming popular among truck drivers as cellphone applications are on the rise.

Becoming a trucker is not easy business and can have its downside. Missing home can be tough on a truckers mind and the phone and net has helped truckers cope. Healthy food can be hard to find on the long haul and many truckers bring as much with them as possible. The best food can be found on the road if you are lucky, I found some great grub in Texas a few years back. Finding the right food joint can be tricky task, another trucker can lead you toward good cooking.

One thing about a driver career that rocks is the beautiful country views. Imagine riding through the countryside seeing great mountain vistas one day and the beach another. Riding through a corn field in Indiana can be a great way to enjoy working.

Woman are finding a home in the trucking industry and enjoying a profession once dominated by men. Social media and TV is stirring buzz about the trucking profession. Trucking is proving to be a good career and social media and TV is giving it rock star status. Truck driver jobs will be in high demand as social media welcomes new generations of drivers.

One thing about the trucking that is awesome is the demand for products. Think about all the business and goods that rely on moved goods everyday!

Trucker Schools aren't hard to find in most areas of the US. The price of schools depend and can go from a few thousand to over $10,000. Many companies may have it's own school and training program. Don't be scared applying at different companies when you get your CDL, the more Applications you apply for the better.

Expect good pay and a chance to make good friends and see the world in the trucking industry. Danger can be found on road so always be careful and be prepared for your adventure. Is the road in your future?

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