Convicted sex offender.

by anomymously registerd

Okay so the title puts it right out there. Here's the deal. I drove truck for a couple years back in the 80s. Got out of it. A few years later I got hit on a molest case, divorse thing doesn"t matter still have the conviction.

Been through it all and past all of it and moved on just fine. Not easy but fine. I'm wanting to get back into truck driving. Got the class a cdl just having a heard time getting past the stigma of being a registered sex offender. The conviction is almost 20 years old and like I said. Gotten past all the prison and parole ect over 10 years ago.

Can somebody kind of point me towards any companies that may be willing to give me a break. Basically starting from scratch here being as how the experience is also from a long time ago. And please hold the degority remarks. Like I said. been through it all already. okay thanks for your help.

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Apr 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

thanx, i appriciate the comment. glad it's working out for your brother. people need to realize that like it or not. most people in prison do in fact have an out date.

Apr 09, 2013
convicted sex offender
by: Anonymous

My brother is a convicted sex offender (by exsposure) and he just got out of prison six months ago and I helped him get his CDL renewed and he got a job hauling aggrigate or end dump driver first place he applied and has since been offered anothet job hauling water in the oilfields of west Texas. We live in the DFW area and companies aren't so picky cuz there is plenty of work in Texas.

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