CSA2010 is a one sided joke

by christhefur
(mohawk, tn)

One morning about 2:30 I was trying to deliver a load of detergent back in 2009. It was in Franklin county Kentucky where the road I took was no longer trucks allowed, damn another sign like the millions of them no parking signs they put up. Well I looked every where and tried to call dispatch but could not get anyone so I used a trucker GPS to find another way in. It directed me around another road as I drove up I see a wide 4 lane road and the place was 3/4 of a mile down. I seen a McDonalds to my right and no signs posted as the road curveded was making a left and the road narrowed and my trailer left the road a little causing me to loose traction. I tried to call dispatch but could not get ahold of no one. 5 hours later a franklin county cop shows up and turns on his lights he kept telling me to get a wrecker and clear the street. About 11 o'clock they said they were sending a tow truck out.

Because all of the weight and stress on a poor cracked frame the trailer broke in half. Then little Mr DOT was called he drives up never came out of his car I walked up to him and he gets my lic. And told me he gets called out here once a week. Duh! Wu not put up a sigh. Well he told me he wasn't going to write me a ticket cause I did nothing wrong. And the company never reported it cause they acted poorly. But when the new CSA2010 laws came out they said it was a accident, now I have to go threw alot to clear their mistake of not putting up a sigh. Go figure

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