Driver wants to smoke dope


Is it true that DAC report is NOT a government reporting agency? If NOT then why do companies place such faith in it? If this is to be fair to drivers, it should be an official government agency. There would be a lot less false reporting. Also the company that reports on you should have to be the one that has to PROVE what they say about you. I would also like to know about the drug testing portion of this... law if that's what you wanna call it. In 14 states today marijuana is medically legal, and California is on the verge of making recreational use legal. If this is so, then why is Marijuana a drug that is tested for when it stays in the system LOOOONNGGG after you actually use it and it can be prescribed by a doctor in 14 states?? It's not right. Just because I smoke a joint a week ago, doesn't mean I'm stoned when I'm behind the wheel of a truck. And since there is no way to narrow the time line to the hour or even the day, then it is not right to be penalized for it!!!

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Oct 15, 2010

When you cannot get a job, because hire/wrong sent in your 19 misdemeanors from 19 years ago that consisted of 3 speeding 4 reckless drivings 6 failure to pay fines 2 fictitious tags 4 no proof of insurance . It just means that when i was 19 or 20 I thought I was Bo Duke. Not that i should be punished for eternity where as I can't feed my family, doesn't matter that I have 2 years exp, with a tanker,have endorsements x,n,and t. Spotless MVR for 16 years. No accidents,hard worker first before driver and only 37. IT NOT RIGHT HIRE /WRONG. I'm a class a driver today because of my pursuits long ago.fuck off dot,dac,you win . I'm smoking a joint.

Sep 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

First off Hireright/Usis/Dac whatever they are calling themselves today is bound by federal regulation. They are an FCRA entity. Their obligation only goes to reporting the information they are provided accurately. It is the responsibility of the providing company to accurately report that information. This is no differennt than say GMAC reporting you were late on a payment. Experian only knows what it is told , if you start a dispute they call GMAC and ask is this information correct. If GMAC says yes it is thats all the credit reporting agency can do. Your real beef is with the company that provided them the information.As far as smoking dope every state in the Union can legalize but until the federal government recognizes the states rights to do so you can't smoke dope and drive a truck. You are governed by not only state and local laws but by Federal motor carrier regulations.There are still federal arrests made everyday by the ATF and other authorities in California and its supposedly legal there.And no offense but I sure as hell don't want to be passing you on the Highway while your blitzed.

Aug 28, 2010
i agree
by: casual smoker

got fired month ago for a postive thc result been driving 15 years never tested postive for any drugs smoked a little took a random tested postive now no job have to collect food stamps now and try to find a local driving job for smoking a little weed all those people dying on the border because of drugs whats wrong with our country.

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