Ex Felon Seeks Trucking Job

by Robert
(Destin, Florida)

I have been out about 10 years now. I took a cdl course at a community college for about 2 months. I have a Class A I applied for gosh I do not know how many jobs I even applied for jobs as a garbage man but heard the EPA has know banned ex felons from becoming garbage man.

I hope to get a trucking job. I never want to turn back to crime. If I had to commit a crime to just work and be productive I would though. I am getting just way to old to be living with my parents. I guess god answers prayers yeah right.

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Apr 06, 2017
Does anybody know of any violent offenders obtaining a trucking job NEW
by: Avion

I want to get my CDL but no company sponsored program will bring me on. I'm willing to take out a loan & pay for the school myself, but I'm afraid nobody will hire me because I have 2 felonies, 1 for aggravated assault & 1 for person not to possess firearms. So that crime would be considered assault with a weapon. Is there anybody out there that has heard of someone with a charge like that get a trucking job. (My convictions are 5 years old)

May 05, 2013
by: Roy

I just pay a truck driving school in Oregon $4,800 to get my class A CDL. I start class May 13. After reading many sites I am depressed its like I hit a brick wall once again. Granted I new I would be faced with rejection because of my past, but with everything in life there is a door that will open. I was released from prison 2010 put self into a 6 month rehab to be more grounded I graduated with many certificates, then as I looked for employment, in one week I put in 60 apps had 3 call backs one place gave me 3 enter views only to be "denied" I was seriously depressed but I never gave up, I put in a app and a year of pestering them they hired me. Two years later they had to let me go because of physical limitations, it was a great company to work for no regrets to me its Gods way of directing me to something better and driving a 18 wheeler is where my new door was opened, but after reading these sites I am having my doubts. A lot of my family drove trucks but they have passed. My plans are to get my class A CDL and this will not change. My life is in Gods hands. What helps give me strength, is I am married to a very 'Beautiful' Lady I am a dad at 53 with a very Beautiful daughter 4 months old. My past "WAS" robbery, assault del/manufacturing/ and supplying contraband everything one cant be hired for as a class A CDL holder, God has a plan for me and with my Honesty and old school values there is a company that will give me a second chance. Give me a call, if anyone knows of companies that would give me a second chance.(503)855-3574

Jan 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

to the guy above ^
I am trying to find a company sponsored training in the DFW area and i have a felony on my record. email me at joesteph80@gmail.com if you have any into regarding that.

Dec 03, 2011
re ex felon seeks trucking job
by: Anonymous

I know its tough and especially if you don't have any experience. If you lived in the Dallas Ft. Worth area I could help you because I've been net working here for years and know people here that hire felons. It would help if you let us know where you live because mabe there are drivers that know the area and know of employers that hire.it also depends on the felony for example if your felony were a drug felony it is almost impossible to get employmeny even for experienced drivers. Iknow several places here in Dallas area that hire felons as long as your crime was not a drug felony or it dident involve a vehicle. Good luck on your search and if you happin to live in the DFW area I would be happy to help you.

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