Felons Need Jobs Too!!!

I am a felon. I have a 2004 conviction for illegal possession of a firearm,a 4th degree crime. I committed no crime with it and I bought it legally,I just did not have the permit to carry it.I know that I was wrong and I have paid my debt. It is ridiculous for companies to not hires felons after they have paid their debt to society.I hate when companies say on their websites that they hire felons but then they don't. It just wastes our time. I am driving for a small local company now. I don't like it but it pays the bills and I am home every night. I didn't like the over the road job anyway. Well, my fellow felons I don't know what to tell a felon looking to drive because everyone does background checks now,and in this economy it is tough for anyone to get a job,let alone a convicted felon. I just thank God that someone was willing to give me a chance. Felons, when and if you do get a chance don't mess it up. I make sure that I am on time and I go to work EVERYDAY and I don't call out. I try to represent us felons well,so that maybe they will say well this guy is a felon a he worked out well, maybe we can hire other felons.Good Luck

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Aug 26, 2013
2006 conviction
by: eric

I was convicted of a felony in 2006 of burgarly 3rd theft of firearms. With that being said I truly regret the mistake I made but some how im blessed that it changed my life for the better. I have.a full time job building fences ive been there seven years since my release. But its hard to find other jobs that may pay more an have benefits. Yes we felons made our mistakes but everyone deserve a chance to get their life back. Ive.stayed out of trouble for 7 to 8 years now an still have trouble finding better jobs an also opportunitys. Think the laws should be changed a little bit for us felons like myself that have paid our debit an stayed out of trouble for quite sometime now everyone needs help an I encourage others that get released from prison do the best you can an stay out of prison so maybe one day the laws will rase an give us better opportunities. Thank you

Aug 29, 2011
How Do a Felony person on Probation get a job
by: Anonymous

I feel you i got the same chage and i'm on probation for it. I've got my CDL already and still can't get a job what do i do cause it gets so frustrated. So what do i do so i want get back in trouble.

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