Felony drivers THERE IS A POSITION


Hi my name is Keith.. And i am also a convicted felon for a firearm. I caught my first gun case when i was 21 years old in 1996. I was convicted and incarcerated in 1997. I did 2 years in prison. And was released in 1999. I also served 3 years probation. When i got out in 1999 it was crucial just trying to find a job. It almost seemed impossible. After while i had giving up cause i felt there was no hope out here in the world for guys like me. I gotten up everyday of the week searching and searching and nobody was willing to hire a convicted felon at all. I tried and tried day by day for at least 1 year. Everyone kept telling me..The only job i was capable to get was a fast food job. But me i never settle for less. So i continue to search and came across a temp service and got into a good paying plant job. Of course i started off as a janitor making $9.00 an hour. I did this for a good 8 months and was hired in at $11.50 per hour. So you know life is only what you make it. Being a convicted felon don't stop your actions. you do when you give up. I have a friend he is also a convicted 4th time felon and landed on a good TRUCKING CAREER with J.B HUNT. And he been with this company for at least 5 years. Now remind you we was bunkies. I got out before he did. My release date was Feb.25,1999 and his release date was June 5,2001. He got into a plant job starting off at $13.00 per hour as a crane operator. lol knowing nothing about operating a crane. he stayed with that job for 6 months then quit and went to U.S TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL to obtain his cdl license. That he paid out of pocket at the time. He was on his way to a better and rewarding career making $2800 every 2 weeks OTR. So now i am also interesting in pursuing the same career. I recently lose contact with my buddy over the years. So like always i search for more information. But to all that's feeling weaken hold your head up and pray and something rewarding will come your way. I am a living testimony. MAY GOD POUR YOU OUT A BLESSING ON YOUR JOURNEY.

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