I have paid for my mistake

by James
(Greenville NC)

I have serve my time.I should be entitled to a good job I have went to trucking school trying to get a job and its hard for me. I have look some of everywhere.I haven`t had a drink or smoke in 10 years. I`m trying to get a good job so I can support my wife. I have had a job recently but I have since got laid off. I really need a job.

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Mar 21, 2016
The character of a man counts NEW
by: Anonymous

I helped my husband while he went to truck driving school and after graduating he left me out on the streets for another woman but he is a felon with three felonies and he has one in Nevada now he wants to get a job to take car of his girlfriend while he abandoned his wife. He has an abusive character with tourretts syndrome I hope that the insurance companies look at this and do not give a job. I believe in miracles but some people do deserve them.

Oct 03, 2011
i feel you
by: Anonymous

me the same its hell and i only got one felon and that was for a overdraft on my own bank account.

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