I have two sex offenses both felonies and have a damn good truck driving job

by RE
(Midwest )

This is how you do it. Course I had prior experience driving. But after I got out of prison it did not take me long to figure out that these big corporations because of insurance reasons will not hire a convicted felon. So what I did as I went and found the companies they were owned by one man who can make a decision yay or nay and doesn't have a board of directors tell me what to do. I've been at my company nine years in June I made 72000 last year. But because I'm a convicted felon I'm never late I never make excuses I'm very careful I'm Johnny on the spot I don't argue I volunteer for everything in other words I make myself a valuable employee. That's what you got to do is find a man that owns his own company and convince him that you will be a valuable employee

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