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(Florida )

I am new to the trucking industry - I do not even have my license yet, but my better half has been driving for over ten yrs. I am a Jane-of-all-trades so-to-speak. I have read and found this CSA "THING" interesting and have found myself wishing I had gone to school and become a legal representative for truck drivers (you notice I didn't say "companies"). Being that I have done work in a lot of areas through out my life including medical and some legal, and being of a sound-intelligent mind; I think I have come to some reasonable conclusions after reading all this "information". There are definitely some changes/amendments that need to be made. I do think instead of stating opinions just on here, that someone - somewhere should sit down and write a synopsis of topics you all would like to address and give some solid reasons why - in appropriate business terms (as truckers -you are not uneducated individuals - show them you know how to be business like); second, someone - somewhere should write up a litigation type of document stating purely the facts as to why these areas of interest should be addressed and modified. It then should be posted for all the truckers to view and provide legitimate input. It should also be sent to the representatives of the trucking associations, etc.... I hope you all understand what I am trying to explain here. I have read all the comments and agree with many of them; but, just because you can voice your opinions here is not what makes change happen. Feedback please...pmh1971@yahoo.com.

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