Man I feel like I am doing a life sentence......

by Sean Harris
(Pensacola Florida)

When I was younger I sure had a hot head and ended up with a criminal past for blowing my lid and putting my hands on the police. I have since apologized and really have been pushing hard looking for a Job. When I was 21 I landed a job with Swift Transportation and soon after got my felonies.....with a blink of an eye my career goes down the drain. I take full responsibility for the mistakes I have made in my past and of course I do not qualify for good legitimate companies I land the ones with the like of Crappy Moving and Storage Companies that rip me off for my pay or Owner Ops who do the same and I have to constantly worry about their authority or insurance lapsing or something is about to go wrong with the truck. I really would love the opportunity to go to work for someone, I love being on the road! My last company has gone out for the count and am looking for work. Anyone have any advice or direction please give me a shout!

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