by Ronald Thornton
(Heth ,Ar)

I have had my cdl's since 1999. Worked for two different trucking Co in that time period. One company for 10 of them. I finally had enough of the owners failure to locate hauls,not taking child support out of my check as court ordered,unsafe equipment,check stubs hand written on yellow notebook paper. I have been locked up twice because of non payment of child support. I have been trying to find another job but every time I get something promising. Either they go back 20yrs ago before i had cdl's & pull up an old DUI or my score is so high because of his shitty equipment. I quit drinking 10yrs ago & haven't ever had a wreck. Company's want drivers with OTR experience I have hauled fuel up & down Mt Eagle what more can you ask for? All I need is for someone to give a hard working dedicated driver with plenty of experience a shot. If anyone can help please contact me@ thank you

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