Stan the Man

by Stanley Morin
(Weatherford, Tx)

My Dac has 5 entries in it from ONE company. The safety department are heartless cruel people who like to torture their drivers. I have three entries where there was no damage to the truck/trailer. I was even parked in a proper space at a rest area in Morango, Ca. I was asleep and another trucker passed by and grazed my trailer with his. I have a stuck in mud violation. I was able to get free at no cost or damage to the company. Also ran over road debris at night and it put marks on my rear trailer tire. All those were put in my DAC. Why don't trucking companies mention the "DAC" when posting ads???? I have no MVR violations. Just a DAC with lots of entries from one crummy company. I have not been able to drive a truck in over a year!!! Not fair!!!

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