To all trucking companies

by Ken
(in crown point)

Most drivers do mess up at one time or another but tell the truth about things. Like k&b tell the driver that you don't do restarts and that you force your drivers to move when they have no hours left to run. And another companies fires 500 drivers to hire more at a lower pay right out of driving school then says bad things about the driver on his DAC report.

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Apr 21, 2011
File complaints
by: jerjer59

Dont just complain about what trucking companies do with other drivers.You got proof that a trucking company is doing something illegal or doing unlawful hireing pratices you can file a complaint with FMCSA in that state against said company.You only have 60 days to file any complaints against a trucking company.Go to and file your complaint.Make sure you got proof tho before filing such complaints.You got proof companies are forcing drivers to run illegal on log books or anything else,do file it with FMCSA.

Nov 16, 2010
Perkins Specialized Transportation Noblesville IN
by: Anonymous

Perkins Specialized Transportation Noblesville IN
1-Scam lease purchase program. 2-Steal all your money and under pay for trip loads. 3-Keep your truck in red so you can owe them money each week and have no pay check. They have drivers who have received no pay checks for months, drivers who lost their homes, drivers are threatened with bad DAC reports if they don’t do what they ask regardless of safety and the law. These people are scam artist and organized crime comes to mind when you do some checking. Check them out on the web.

Do not work there they will rip you off, turnover rate is 98% they bring in 8 to 16 new drivers a week and only operate 189 trucks a roll over scam no money no pay and the worst safety rating of any company with D.O.T. check it out a the U.S. D.O.T. web site. They lease the same trucks over and over and are making a killing of f the sweat of hard working people.

These people need to be criminally investigated

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