Tyson Idoits !

by Kevin
(Dardanell, Ark)

This is a true story i was hired by Tyson as a live haul driver in Dardanelle Arkansas. I had over 10 yrs experience of otr driving with no tickets or accidents before being hired by them. One icy snowing sleeting nite I was sent out to a farm to load live chickens for the company it was well off the main paved road on a very narrow road. I had my concerns about driving to the farm the road was ice covered my dispatcher told me go or your fired, so i went i made it onto the farm ok. While i was waiting to be loaded a second truck was sent to the same farm as me he slid into a ditch and the company called a wrecker to pull him out leaving huge deep ruts and narrowing the road. He then drove on to the farm were I was waiting when I got loaded I ask the second driver about the road. He told me he didn't think i could get out on to it with out trouble. So I call the dispatcher and told him the situation he says drive or your fired. I says what if I cant make it. He says do it any way so I did. My trailer slid into the new ruts made by the second truck and I became stuck. I called in to dispatch and told them what had happened they said they would send a wrecker for me. While I was waiting for the wrecker the trailer begin to sink in the rut and slowly turned over. I called in again they said a wrecker was on the way with a company accident investigator. When they arrived they could plainly see it was not my fault and wrote it down that way I signed the statement and no police were even called it was no accident report filed. Then I found a new job 3 weeks later and quit the idiots they put Rollover on my dac report, after I quit them they are a bunch of idiots worst job I ever had.

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