2 Major Crimes

by Christopher Zinn
(Canton,Ohio, USA)

At the very top of this website it says "if you have any one of these 2 major crimes listed below. You can not by federal law become a truck driver". The first major crime is felony possession/distribution of a controlled substance. The second one is using force on someone with a gun/knife..

OK those are 2 very good reason's why someone shouldn't be aloud to drive a commercial vehicle/semi all over gods green earth.
What I want to know is. Why in God's name that a sex offender is not on that list. A damn child molester should be the number one reason. Not saying that all sex offenders are child molesters. But child molester is in the sex offender category.
I'm 35 years old. And I got one criminal offense on my whole entire criminal record.An it happens to be a drug felony in 2002. Not to add. I don't even have any misdemeanors. Not even a damn traffic ticket. No wife, no kids. Absolutely nothing holding me back from traveling the country as long as I want or need to. I'm the perfect candidate for a truck driver.

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