20 year old felony

by Craig Saunders

I'm not gonna beleive there is not one company out there that won't hire me ihave a 20 year old felony and experiance with various truck transmissions not so much as a tractor trailor but 4,5,6,7 axle dump trucks box trucks minimal tractor trailor what felony is worst than the other thats a form of prejudice justified and its sickning people want live abundant like we were meant to be all this experiance for what to go flip burgers because some body behind a desk that i dont know detrmines my career choices half the trucking companies commit felonies them selves and have the right judge people and still commit white collar crimes check with ooida and the lawsuits false dac reports sabotaging hardworking honest people im tired of these bogus companies and there holier than thou attitudes please i dare anyone to post me a trucking company that will hire me without prejudice my family needs to eat to.

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May 08, 2015
new driver NEW
by: Anonymous

It took 2 weeks but today I have 4 job offers
I have 1 felony 7 years old U.S. exp, start Monday
Debour job offer
Well Trans job offer
P.T.L.Pasgal job offer
So it can happen
possession of a controlledsubstance

Sep 06, 2011
Be Realistic
by: Craig Saunders

the writer of 20 year old felony i have encountered these trucking companies that claim they hire felons is not neccessarily a lie but not all true because you have to be careful of the felony you have i thought oh yea i can get a cdl and get on with a career and put my past behind me and move on in life WRONG! sooo WRONG complete opposite not to destroy any dreams because i am far from being a hater just want those who have the drive to get up and do something about there life not be distracted but remain persever and be realistic there are alot of factors to consider so BEWARE!

Sep 02, 2011
Companies hiring Felons
by: Gene

Go to /www.smart-trucking-jobs.com/findatruckingjob.html for a list of companies that hire felonys.

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