5 Trends in the Trucking Industry That Used Trucks Drivers Need to Know About

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The humble (despite their huge size) trucks that you occasionally see around may not always look as flashy as the other cars plying major roads and highways but, did you know that the United States economy would fail if they were not around?

Industry data shows that trucking moves 71% of the freight in America and about 6% of the full-time jobs in the country are in this industry according to an article by Markets Insider. There are millions of people employed by operators or are involved in the business individually. Without them, movements of goods and services in the country will be paralyzed.

Despite being decades old, there seems to be no stopping the trucking industry. Basing from its dynamism and the constant demand from consumers, this industry remains a vital part of the economy. It comes as no surprise that new and used trucks for sale are selling well too as more people want to be active in trucking.

While it is halfway through 2019, here are five trends in the trucking industry that you need to keep a close eye on:

1.The economy
Industry experts are asking everyone to manage their expectations especially that things do not look as rosy as they hope. In the couple of months leading to the year, the economic activities are considered a little hazy.

This is the second year for the longest economic expansion in the country and the American Trucking Associations Chief have expressed that this is greatly because of the decrease in the GDP.

Not to be troubled though, there will still be good things to look forward to. As forecasted, there will be good momentum in the economy in the first half of the year. Despite tariff issues and others that can slow things down, the industrial production and inventories are still looking good.

2.Fewer Drivers
Despite the popularity of the trucking industry, the decline in the number of professional drivers is not to be taken lightly. The driver shortage is actually deemed as the top challenge that fleets have to face.

Drivers are expecting to get higher wages this year as predicted by the National Transportation Institute. There is a great improvement in the pay conditions but fleets are affected by the growing gap between the units and the drivers. The Machinery Haulers Association divulged that for most small fleets,
out of 800 drivers, only two get hired as most also don’t show up to work.

This year, it is expected that the efforts will be stronger, allowing for interstate operations for the young ones, and there will be extensive efforts to reach out to a non-traditional labor pool which also include women and minorities.

3.Relief in Regulations
Truck regulation agencies and trucking lobbyists are singing sweet music together, a fete that has never been observed in the past.

It is a good thing that the American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference and Exhibition last October has shed favorable light on both parties especially in terms of regulations on meal breaks, rest breaks, and other Federal laws that need changes.

Worth noting is the split-sleeper-berth flexibility – something that any truck drivers have been asking for. Even if there is no data to tell if the split does result in drivers feeling more fatigued, science backs the cause with a fact that a single eight-hour sleep restores energy better than splitting it up.

4.Electric Trucks
There are many different vehicles that have adapted the electric route but there seems to be nothing that has enough energy to be used for trucks, or so most people think. Last year, the largest stride in electric trucks unfolded before the very eyes of everyone. So far, it was found that the BEV will not be a solution to all applications or market but their role in the freight transportation is evident. Of course, it is expected that such will carry on in the coming years.

5.Data technology
Even if you are looking at used trucks listings, you can still count on data technology to play a huge role in your search. With the rampant use of computers, it is important to include artificial intelligence in the analysis of dash-cam data for the improvement of safety. Also look forward to an increased use of sophisticated telematics and data analytics, freight-matching algorithms, and remote diagnostics (in fact, Peterbilt and other models of used trucks for sale Mississippi have most of these technologies incorporated in their system or added by previous owners).

Of course, the list of trends in the trucking industry can go on and on because of the improvements that are being looked forward to. With the way things are going, the trucking industry is far from slowing down.

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