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According to the National Institute Of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the long-haul truck drivers are double as likely to be fat working adults in other working place or industries. They are also more likely to suffer from risk factors for chronic diseases, such as smoking.

Ok, first of all, we must have to read our health so take a little look please.

How you can Improve your health?

Going to discuss how you can improve your health. So take a look please.

Eat well:

It helps to plan ahead and map out healthy food stops along trucking routes. Greasy food lead to drowsiness, acid reflux, and heartburn, High Protein, healthy foods ( that can be easily be packed in a cooler) such as eggs, yogurt, almonds leads to good health and weight management.

Get exercise:

Exercise at least 15 minutes each day. the truck can even be used to help. OK, let us tell you how you can use your truck for exercise.

1- Do Forearm slams against the side of the trailer.
2- Do wall sits within the cargo section
3- Do dips between the driver and the passenger seat.
4- Do knee kicks to the tire
5- Attach a resistance band to the door.

Be social:

Just not while behind the wheel.

1- Call your family ( Just don't text)
2- Interact on social media
3- Join trucker groups
4- Call Family
5- Specially for you: A Guide to Highway Safety

Quit smoking:

Smoking isn't just bad for health. It also leads to distracted driving. 41% of truck accidents are caused by physical factors affecting the driver or driver recognition factors.
Quit Smoking

Visit a doctor:

Convenient care clinics are committed to the health and the wellness of truck drivers across the country. Electronic media records allow easy access to patient information. So any clinic can be visited while driving. there clinics in 35 states.

Get some sleep:

Sleep wellMost adults need 7 – 9 hours of sleep per night. New hours of Service Regulations have reduced maximum working hours for truck drivers, but accidents caused by fatigue continue to occur. According to New Hours of Service Regulations (HOS) you must have to follow the tips given below.

1- Stick to the same bedtime.
2- Avoid naps in the afternoon.
3- Establish a relaxing bedtime ritual.
4- Sleep comfortably.


Truckers who apply these health and wellness tips are much more likely to stay healthy, avoid accidents, and increase their life expectancy ———- and the time on the road.
be happy

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