Sleep Apnea General Information

Sleep Apnea General Information



If you can't get to sleep, rather than trying harder to fall asleep, try getting out of bed and doing something else. Preferably, move to another room and return to bed only when sleepy. Sleep apnea general information

If you have trouble getting to sleep, establish a routine for an hour or so each night before bedtime, such as
reading, taking a warm shower or bath, light exercise, or resting quietly.

Avoid too much mental stimulation during the hour or so prior to bedtime.  Read a light novel or watch a relaxing TV
program; do not finish office work or discuss  family finances with your spouse, for example.


Everyone has a unique sleeping pattern.  Some adults need 10 hours a night.  Others adults only need 5 hours a night.
  Many people function best with approximately 8 hours of sleep.  Your requirements for sleep is unque.  What is is
effective for your husband, wife, or friends is not what may be helpful to you.  If you need only 5 hours of sleep a
night, do not worry about it, or try tp force longer sleep hours.  instead, learn to use your extra waking hours for
something you would like to do or get done.


Everyone's sleep needs change.  The amount and quality of sleep varies in the course of each person's life.  The infant
may require 16 hours a sleep each day, an elderly person may sleep 3 to 3 hours at night with frequent naps during the
day.  Changes in the length and depth of sleep are a normal part of life.  Within limits the quality of our sleep is
more important than quantity.


Sleeping problems may signal a medical condition such as anxiety, depression, and other disorders.  it is important to
 get a proper diagnosis and treatment of the underlying cause of a chronic sleep disturbance.


An occasional sleeping pill may be of some benefit, but chronic (nightly) use of sleeping pills may actually hinder good sleep.

Sleeping medications should be used with caution and only upon the advise of a physician by the elderly, pregnant women,
people with respiratory disease, kidney disease, or a liver impairment.

If you doctor prescribes a sleep medication, ask for clear directions and information about the particular drug you are to
take. Some sleeping pills have a prolonged effect, and can impair your coordination and driving skills the following day.

Sleeping medications should only be used for the short term management of a sleep complaint.  Do not self-medicate or
increase the dosage yourself.  If you feel that your medication is losing its effect, report this to your doctor.
Although alcohol may help to induce sleep, the cronic use of larger quantities of alcohol causes disturbed sleep and dependency.


Sleep Apnea General Information


Medical complications of untreated sleep apnea include heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, and heart
rhythm problems so its important to be compliant with treatment.

If you are having a medical procedure or surgery, make absolutely sure you list sleep apnea as a problem.  Tell the
physician your prescribed pressure settings and take your CPAP, mask and headgear with you.  Pain medications and medications
that make you sleepy can be deadly in certain situations if you do not use your CPAP

More sleep apnea general information


Good source of more information on Sleep Apnea    Very good site for general practical information descriptions.  Provides reviews and descriptions of CPAP gear.
Check out customer reviews.  What is the best mas? The one you will wear!  Consider getting a different mask to alternate with
the old one and replace mask at regular intervals.  Use heated humidifier and consider full face mask or chin strap if
experiencing dry throat.

Dental appliances have been approved for mild sleep apnea and requires that you have your own teeth i.e. no full dentures.
Check out these sites for 2 examples but there are
numerous other models.

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