175,000 Truck Drivers could lose there job

175,000 Truck Drivers could lose there job starting in July, 2010.

Have you heard if CSA 2010? If not you will be hearing a lot about it beginning next year.

CSA 2010 could cost you thousands of dollars in fines and lost revenue due to "truck drivers" being declared “Unfit”. An estimated 175,000 truckers will lose their Jobs when CSA 2010 is implemented.

RIGHT NOW DATA ABOUT YOUR DRIVING Record is being recorded by D.O.T. for YOUR DRIVER SAFETY RATING when FMCSA's New CSA 2010 goes into effect.

Most motor carriers and drivers haven't heard of CSA 2010, yet it is quite massive in its scope, and represents a major change in the way the FMCSA audits companies.

Perhaps the most profound change, and how this affects individual drivers are going to be audited and each will be given a personal safety rating. This personal safety rating will determine weather or not the driver is considered eligible to continue driving or requires some sort of intervention.

Data used to calculate your safety rating comes from Roadside inspections, traffic violations (citations) and crash data. A new Driver safety rating will be determined EACH MONTH!

CSA 2010 intends to use new data--such as information from police accident reports about driver-related factors contributing to a crash--and improve existing data sources--by, for example, using its database of licensed commercial drivers to identify all drivers with convictions for unsafe driving practices, as well as the carriers they work for--to enable a more precise assessment of safety problems.

It is anticipated that full implementation of CSA 2010 by FMCSA will begin on or around July 1, 2010. Read More.


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