Truck Drivers and Sleep Apnea

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Let me tell you my sleep apnea symptoms and you can see if they apply to you. I would take my normal break after driving my truck an sleep for 8-10 hours. I was getting up 3-4 times a night to urinate, always tossing and turning and waking up tired. I would drive and need a nap after a couple of hours. Everything made me drowsy, a meal, driving with the sun in my face, reading a book or magazine. At the time I didn’t know that these were symptom of apnea. I thought my urinating problem was a prostrate problems or just drinking too much during the day.

Untreated apnea can:

* Increase the risk for high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, obesity, and diabetes.

* Increase the risk for or worsen heart failure.

* Make irregular heartbeats more likely

* Increase the chance of having work-related or driving accidents

The NTSB is advising that medical experts question truck drivers about apnea, and has sent a letter to the FMCSA about this recommendation. A task force of medical experts is calling for new screening procedures for obstructive apnea among truck drivers of commercial vehicles.

You can read more about Sleep Apnea by Clicking Here

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