Swine Flu and Truck Drivers

We have all heard about the swine flu on the news lately. But what is it and how does it affect truck drivers. As truck drivers we all travel throughout the country, coming in contact with hundreds of people daily in truck stops, rest areas, restaurants, shippers an receivers.

We need to pay attention to our surroundings and try to stay away from people who look like they may be sick. below is an explanation of what swine flu is and ways to avoid it.

H1N1 (referred to as “swine flu” early on) is a new influenza virus causing illness in people. This new virus was first detected in people in April 2009 in the United States. Other countries, including Mexico and Canada, have reported people sick with this new virus. This virus is spreading from person-to-person, probably in much the same way that regular seasonal influenza viruses spread.

Are there human infections with this H1N1(swine flu)virus in the U.S.?

Yes. Cases of human infection with this H1N1 ( swine flu )influenza virus were first confirmed in the U.S. in Southern California and near Guadalupe County, Texas. The outbreak intensified rapidly from that time and more and more states have been reporting cases of illness from this virus.

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