Bad Economy

It seems like every day I listen to the news I hear more and more bad news on the bad economy we are in. For the first three months of this year the American economy has lost over 650,000 jobs each month. And April is not shaping up to be much better. These numbers are also a reflection of trucking jobs lost. No longer are drivers able to quit one job an go to work for another trucking company immediately. Driver turnover rate is at an all time low.

There are still good jobs to be had but you really have to hunt for them. Employers are really looking at who they are hiring on, only hiring the most qualified ones. Passing over the ones who have had to many accidents or a bad DAC report.

In this day and age you have to do something to supplemental your income to help protect you if your trucking company slows down any more.

Do you have a hobby you really love or an activity your really passionate about or any type of interest that you are good at ? Or any other thing your little heart desires.

I was really struggling to get by the first three months of this year with slow freight. But April seems to be doing better but that could be because my company has laided off a number of drivers.

Back in October I started looking around trying to find ways to supplement my income. Don't get me wrong I make good money at my driving job. I am one of the lucky ones who make over $65,000 a year in my job and I have good benefits. But in the back of my mind I'm always wondering how much longer can this last.

So I started looking around trying to find something on the internet that I could do in my spare time from my truck, on my laptop, or when I was at home. Then I stumbled across a website that showed me how I could start my own website and earn extra money. At first I was skeptical. Other than knowing how to turn a computer on and how to surf the web I had no ideal how to go about starting a web page or what it would be about.

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