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Hi all,

Sorry its been so long since my last newsletter. I have been busy at my real job being a full time driver.

With the estimated 11,000 jobs lost in May 2009, the trucking industry has lost more than 75,000 jobs since the end of 2008 – a decline of 5.6 percent. Job cuts since the beginning of August 2008 when trucking job cuts began to accelerate total 124,700, or 9 percent.

My company has been very busy the last two months, I don't know if its because the economy is picking up or just that we had layed off so many drivers that there is more work for the rest of us.

As I travel around the country I am seeing more trucking companies putting out banners advertising for new hires. Some of the companies I have seen recently are Maverick, YRC Glenn Moore, Knight, and Schneider to name a few. Also check out the ads on my website these companies are hiring or they would not be wasting there money on advertising.

So maybe we are beginning to see a turn around. One of the things I look for is how full the truck stops and rest areas are at night. In the last two months I'm sure you have noticed that it has been no problem finding a parking space.

But it seem like in the last three weeks things have began to change its getting harder to find a parking space and the rest areas are full at night. That's a good sign.

I continue to hear from drivers ever day that are having problems with there DAC report.. I cannot express how important it is for everyone to know what is in there DAC Report. Click here. to learn what a DAC Report is and how you can get one free. Now is the time to know what is contained in it so you can check for errors. Don't wait until you try to change jobs and find it contains errors. It takes about 45 days to appeal errors. Can you afford to be out of work for 45 days ?

I have added new videos to trucking videos page. including new military tribute videos. And some funny videos to make you laugh so check them out.

My website continues to grow with more people visiting ever day which translates into more extra income. Everyone in this day an age could use some extra income. Click here if you are interested in making some extra income. Believe me if I can do you can do it.

If your interested in finding a better paying job Check out this page. No one should be making less than $40000 a year driving a truck, if you are you are working for the wrong company. I rarely make under $60000 a year in my job an you shouldn't either. There are good jobs out there.

Be careful out there driving. Drive Smarter Not Harder

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