Its been a while since I update my e-zine. I have been very busy driving. If you didn't already know I am a full time OTR driver.

I've been out in California for the last two months working. By choice not because I have to. Business is good.

I have a new truck with electronic logs. I kind of like it. No more log books to worry about filling out.

You are already subscribe to this e-zine but you can also subscribe to an RSS feed. Any time an update or new page is posted you can view it. All you have to do is is look at the left navigation bar, at the very bottom is a box which says subscribe to this site. You can choose a RSS, Google, My yahoo, my MSN, or blogline just chose the one you want.

This way you always know what's new here.

On several pages you will notice a block at the bottom of the page where you can enter your comments or opinions on the subject please feel free to post your comments.

Thanks until next time. Billy

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