Another Goverment Botch Job In The Making

I've been driving trucks since I was in my early twenties. If I was under the proposed new rules/regulations over my driving career I would most likely not have a job. I have well over 1,000,000,000 truck driving miles without an accident!!!! Log books are a pain in the a** and makes keeping your delivery times a pain in the a** if not downright impossible. A better solution to the problem is to teach "4 wheelers" how to drive around trucks. They don't use turn signals, cut truckers off and most haven't a clue how to "MERGE into traffic on the freeway" or how/when to merge for closed lanes due to construction.

I never see a cop pulling over a car for improper lane change or other dangerous moving violations, professional drivers or not, the cars need to follow the rules too. On any given day I see many cars with one headlight, one taillight, etc. It's almost as if the cops are looking the other way on purpose.

It's hard enough trying to make a living as it is with the cops always wanting to "get into your wallet" for state/local revenue subsidization. I've been driving long enough to know when I'm tired or if and when I need to rest for an upcoming trip. Our Government can't do much if anything right, which we all know. So how is implementing CSA 2010 going to be any different? Simply stated: "IT'S NOT!" All it's going to do is put more hard working people out of work and create an event bigger government bureaucracy.

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