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Have questions that you want to ask a trucker? Stop wondering what the answer might be. Have a question on becoming a truck driver? Here is your chance to get the answers you've always been wanting to ask.

No matter whats on your mind someone is sure to have an answer.

Here's your chance to get an answer about trucking! Ask a trucker any question that you have. Every question is important don't hesitate to ask. It is one of the best ways to find out if trucking is for you.

Maybe you just want to learn about trucking for its educational value. Learn about driving, its probably not exactly what you think.

The web is filled with talk about: truck parking shortages, federal regulations, high fuel costs, anti idling laws, low pay, stricter medical requirements, EOBR’s, HOS, NAFTA and cross border trucking, detention pay, life, daily work, travels and experiences of an "over-the-road" truck drivers and on an on about any topic you can think of. Ask an question you like about driving a truck.

We love to hear from truckers wife also. Anything you would like to ask or just vent, here is place to do it.

Explicit language and vulgarity will not be tolerated! Thanks for your understanding.

Professional drivers please feel free to answer any questions or add comments. You are the best source for the answers, you've been there done that. Share your knowledge and wisdom if you have more information or advise to give!

Drivers you no longer have to keep all that knowledge to yourself. Share it with potential drivers and other people interested in learning about trucking. Thanks for sharing your knowledge who knows you may inspire someone to become a trucker one day. Either way here is the place to do it.

Ask a Trucker

Even the most experienced drivers can find themselves in situations that only another trucker will understand. When help is needed,
this page bring truckers together to share information. The goal is to make trucking safer, more profitable and more pleasant
for everyone.

Please feel free to browse the questions below. I sure you can find an answer to your question.  Remember  the only dumb question is the on you don't ask. 

I have been driving for 31 years and I still dont have all the answers but some one here does, so ask away.

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Ask a Trucker

Have questions that you want to ask a trucker? Stop wondering what the answer might be. Have a question on becoming a truck driver?

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Different trucks 
How does your truck make you feel? Proud, ashamed, cool, important etc? And what truck brand do you use?

Tanker endorsement  
a street sweeper that has the capacity of holding a 125 gallons of water. Does that require a tanker endorsement on my licence

Pulling a kingpin 
How much trouble can you get in for pulling some ones kinpin if there empty and there was no damage

Potential Husband Wife Team 
I currently have a good government job paying about 65K per year with benefits. However, I am a single income family. My wife is thinking about get her …

Convicted sex offender. 
Okay so the title puts it right out there. Here's the deal. I drove truck for a couple years back in the 80s. Got out of it. A few years later I got hit …

How do you decide when it's time to pull over. If you can drive 11 hours, when do you start looking for parking. Suppose there are no truck stops …

Eager to learn 
I am 23 years of age and i have a felony because i took to friend to delivery drugs really really small amount of drugs but it is on my record. But what …

Significant other 
My boyfriend is just finishing up training school at cr england, now he is supposed to go on the road with a driver manager how long do you think it will …

Receiving personal mail while away from home 
What is the best way to either get mail while on the road or hold mail until returning?

Women truck driver with a felony 
Recently I went to truck driving school and got my class A CDL. I went on to get all my endorsements. I have had a difficult time getting any of the "big" …


Student graduate cdl A driver 
Just graduated,have a 11yr old felony,(2nd degree attempted murder) What company will hire me?

12 volt appliances for truck 
Is there a good source for 12 volt refrigerators and microwaves on the net? Thanks.

I have been driving a full automatic truck. I haven't driven a stick for 2 years. Is there any way to practice in a stick to get a different job. Something …


Empty pockets 
I was involved in a small fender bender today. I don't think i was totally at fault, but i was ticketed with failure to yield right of way, which is …

Truckers wife 
He has a tv on his truck can we take off dvds as entertainment since he watches them on the road.

Felony and truck diving 
There is someone I know that is having a trouble getting a truck driving job due to a FELONY conviction back in Jan 99. he has been trying over a year …

Bad DAC Report 
If you have a bad dac report, are you pretty much done for? Is there any jobs you can get?

Unemployment and Type 2 Diabetes Insulin Dependent 
My husband was fired on the spot May 6 of this year, because he has type 2 insulin Dependent diabetes and drives a drill rig. His Dr. never told him he …

Tying to get in a truck 
Are their any companys that will hire a felon?


How much do truckers get paid? 
I'm thinking about getting into trucking. How much can I make a year? Also how much do owner-operators make.

Wanting to Team Drive, but with no OTR experience. 
I have approximately 9+ years of Trucking in the State of Texas. I have been out of State many years back but that was hauling grain during the harvest …

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Lots of questions. Any info helps!  Not rated yet
Hi!! I am a student trying to create a start-up that could potentially make life easier for those in the trucking or shipping industries. I had a …

Should I go to western express or may trucking ?  Not rated yet
Should I go to may trucking or western express ?

Jess m  Not rated yet
I was wondering about the dot physical to obtain a med card. Do they really look into medical history? Other than what you fill out on the form that is. …

Getting CDL training  Not rated yet
Is it better to pay around $3,500 for CDL training or get free training from a company such as Eagle Transportation here in Tucson where you’ll get locked …

Load Auditor Not rated yet
I audit product being loaded on trucks for my company? My question is this? When a loader loads to product, its is to be properly packaged. So when he …

Sandy Not rated yet
If you are making a right turn at an intersection and the road you are turning on to has a car in the way because the intersection is to small do they …

Lease a Truck Not rated yet
Hello, I’m Class A CDL certified and was thinking about leasing a truck to become an owner operator. Tips, advice, thoughts?

Box Truck Owner Operator Not rated yet
I want to start driving a box truck but i'm not sure of all the expenses like how much the insurance, liability insurance and etc. is going to be. Also …

Safer company snapshot website  Not rated yet
Hello, Can someone please explain to me why a trucking companies info is open record on the safer company snapshot website? I understand parts may …

Hub Mileage Not rated yet
Hello! I'm curious about what exactly the hub mileage is used for. I see hubodometers on trailers all the time on the road, but am curious are they …

Truck Owner Not rated yet
I am a owner-operator leased onto a carrier. If I purchase a new truck while leased on, can I use the carriers PUCO numbers to file tax exempt certificate …

I have a question. Not rated yet
Which Trucking Company don't require TNT training to start working for them. Iam a new grad from trucking school with my CDL.

Joshua Turriff Not rated yet
I recently stopped smoking marijuana and want to turn my life around just want to know how long I should wait to take the DOT drug test

Have a cracked on my tandem trailer frame Not rated yet
Hello how's it going I just picked up this trailer a day ago and I was sliding the tandems back to California position and I noticed there was a crack …

Experience related Not rated yet
I have just recently got my CDL-A. I have no otr experience would this be a good time to start knowing it's going to be snowing very soon or should I wait …


Brakes Not rated yet
Should you apply the parking brake, hand brake, and the service brake every time you park your truck?

Laws on training vs company policies Not rated yet
Is it against the law for a trainer to be asleep while a student drives a truck? And where can you find that law?

CDL training Not rated yet
Hello, I been trying to get my CDL on my own with no luck. So I tried to call various trucking companies that offer training to get your CDL. And I get …

Kingpin locations Not rated yet
What's the value to having a 30" kingpin location in lieu of a 24" kingpin location?

Mr trucker Not rated yet
I filled out my log book and I descoverd damage to headlight during my pretrip the later on at truck stop I went in side and came out and there was damage …

new to the industry Not rated yet
I am attending an academy in a couple weeks to obtain my CDL and enter the industry. Do I need a passport to travel into Canada and Mexico?

Topher Newbie Not rated yet
I have no CDL and a past. Misdemeanor DWI 25 years ago (probation, dismissed, although one company still saw it), DWI 15 years ago, and a dismissed felony …

Trucker Not rated yet
HI I enjoy the videos. I am a trucker slash retired coal miner. Ì spent a lot of years as a company driver most of which I worked for dupont 15 years …

Felony & DUI CDL help Not rated yet
Me and My husband are getting ready to start CDL school in march. We are currently trying to find a company that is for us. My husband has a felon on his …

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New business Owner Not rated yet
Hey got a ? I just started a dispatch service for owner op's, does a driver need to rent a trailer if they don't have one when taking loads from a broker? …

New job, one day training. Don't feel comfortable. Not rated yet
I just got hired after getting my cdl class a. They gave me one day of training and expected me to start next day with 53 foot trailer running mail from …

what are Hazardous Materials/Wastes restrictions Not rated yet
what are Hazardous Materials/Wastes restrictions

Failed random company ua Not rated yet
Would a company like Hogan Transports put a failed ua on a dac report? And how could I get a job with that it happened about a month ago

A felony trafficking in drugs. Not rated yet
I have got my cdl class a permit and can not find anybody to accept me as a student to get my license and get some experience. the conviction was July …

hip Not rated yet
what happens if you have been on insulin for a few years but just now applied for diabetes exemptiom

Alliance Transportation Systems Not rated yet
I'm open to the idea of providing a 2nd chance opportunity to an driver desiring to re-establish credibility and reputation. We are a small carrier focused …

D Byron Not rated yet
Are there trucking companies that will hire a person with a N implied consent violation two years old

ShortsOn Not rated yet
Hi : I have been out of the workforce for 10 years due to a back related injury 10 years ago. I have now been cleared to go back to work. I have …

Conspiracy to distribute will that hurt me getting a truck driven job Not rated yet
Just wondering if that will hurt getting a job it was federal and it's about 8yrs old thanks for anybody that would know

it is possible to hire a trucker that has a car carrier? Not rated yet
So is it possible to hire a trucker that owns a car carrier to haul cars from Florida to Pittsburgh? I believe those car carriers can hold around 8 …

Will a company hire a paraplegic? Not rated yet
I have a father who was a trucker for many years. Therefore, i grew up around the industry and have always enjoyed being apart of my fathers job. I became …

having trouble with alley dock 90 degree turn Not rated yet
hello I am in school right now and when it comes to my 90 degree alley dock I am having so much trouble I end up chasing my trailer, please I need some …

Best you have driven. Not rated yet
Just going to ask the truckers, owners, mechanics and whoever else visits here. What do you think is best truck, best engine with cheapest and fewest …

felony Not rated yet
i have one charge and it is theft by lawful takeing can that knock me out driveing a truck

bostonguy Not rated yet
I have a simple possession on my record from 18 years ago would this disqualify me from driving for any major carriers?

Border patrol check points Not rated yet
I was curious to know if their were any type of border patrol check points on Interstate 40? I am not trying to do any kind of illegal activity I am just …

got fired from last job Not rated yet
I got fired from my last driving job.I got stopped for overweight at a state scale and they said they smelled alcohol on me and gave me a breath test and …

ex-felon needs help Not rated yet
In 9/2003 I was convicted of aggravated assault. Is there any chance of me becoming an OTR or inner state truck driver. I am not on any parole or probation …

Wrecked Career Not rated yet
Here's my situation... I took on the job training. Had 3 accidents, all on private property, no moving violations, no fines, no tickets. DAC report …

ratt company Not rated yet
I am working currently with well known but very disrespected for good reason though. for instance there company has 14,000 trucks and there biggest problem …

driver Not rated yet
information on twt trucking

Staying fit on the road... any ideas? Not rated yet
I need to know if anyone has any great ideas on how to eat healthy and exercise while on the road.

USA Truck Not rated yet
is this an alright company to get started with or possibly stay with. trying to get back into the industry after 20 plus years. so starting from scratch …

HOT SHOT Not rated yet

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Safety Director Not rated yet
I know that there is a Federal law allowing trucks with APUs to have an additional 400 lbs of weight. Is this true in GA and where do you get the letter …

Getting back in to trucking Not rated yet
how can i get back on the road been out awhile

New Out of School Not rated yet
I just graduated from SAGE Trucking School(Muncie, Indiana) and now I can't seem to Find a Trucking company that will hire me. I had a felony charge of …

Does US Express hair drug test Not rated yet
Does us express hair test

TRUCKER Not rated yet

New ToTtrucking Builders Transport Not rated yet
I am a recient graduate of PTDI trucking school. I am concidering going with BTC (Builders Transportation) Can anybody give me any feedback on this company …

James smith Not rated yet
Can I have felonies and be a truck driver?

51 year thinking about getting into the biz Not rated yet
Hi, I'm 51 yr old. Been out of work for 20 months, was thinking about getting into this biz. I was in the printing industry for 25 years but thats going …

I am a truck driver with diabetes Not rated yet
I need help been driving for yrs under the grandfathering law, and now because of a state trooper who has a problem with me i now got my cdl removed. …

Darius Not rated yet
Hi i am 21 years old and i'm looking for cdl training can i get a job in trucking with a 2 year old burglary charge that is not residential

Bad background Not rated yet
Ok so I am an ex-felon with a perfect driving history, and I just recently graduated Roadmasters truck driving school and am now in posession of my …

Any Happy Truckers Not rated yet
1 question any Happy truckers? Anyone glad to be trucking? Anyone not mad at or upset about their trucks or the company they drive for? Or pissed …

Camping trucking Not rated yet
My husband saw an ad for drivers who are willing to drive to IN then leave their vechicle at their company and drive campers to different camper dealerships. …

Percentage or mileage pay? Do we have the right toknow what the Company is getting paid so we know what we deserve? Not rated yet
Percentage or mileage pay? Do we have the right to know what the Company is getting paid so we know what we deserve? Which is better?

Driver Not rated yet
Is K&B a good company to work for? Anybody have any pros or cons? Need info?

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