Bad Cop

by Dale A Avery
(Summerville Ga.)

Well the cop in Rome Ga.,Give me a fine for being on the wrong side of the road coming out of a housing area with log truck and it was no way to keep my truck on my side of the road just not room.
We had been coming out that road for two week with no problem! 12 load a day 4 trucks and told him just no way to keep truck on my side of road! He said that not a reason law the law I said I can not make this truck do something that it want i'm just trying to pay my bills! Cost me 325$ NO HELP FOR THE WORKING MEN.

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Sep 10, 2011
Unless you've already paid the fine...
by: Vicki Simons

Unless you've already paid the fine and it's within the time period by when you need to pay it, you should fight it. Hire a lawyer or law firm (we recommend getting a legal services plan to cover professional truck drivers on the job and off) and get him/her to go to bat for you.

It is possible that this situation will be recorded as a moving violation on your driving record. If so, you're not just facing the prospect of the cost of the fine but also an increase in your personal auto insurance rates (remember, you have just one driver's license, a CDL, that covers you in your truck and personal vehicle) and a mark on your DAC report. Plus, you'll have to report it to your company.

All police officers should understand the turning distances needed for big rigs but some unfortunately do not. When these folks see something they believe is breaking the letter of the law, they pounce with a ticket.

It is also possible that you were not the only truck driver affected. Someone has to be the first to speak up for what's right. Why not be the first?

We wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons

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