Earn Money In This Bad Economy

Bad Economy

This page is not just for truck drivers it is for anyone who desires to earn extra income. Please bookmark this page so if you need to come back to it later it will easy to find.

How truck drivers can earn extra income in this economy with Internet Profit on your computer.

In this day and age you have to do something to supplemental your income to help protect you if your trucking company slows down any more.

Please read the entire page before you leave this page if you are interested in making extra income in this bad economy there is a lot of good information here. You owe it to yourself to check it out before you dismiss it.

There are still good jobs to be had in this economy but you really have to hunt for them. Employers are really looking at who they are hiring on, only hiring the most qualified ones. Passing over the ones who have had to many accidents or a bad Dac Report

Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Do you have a hobby you really love or an activity your really passionate about or any type of interest that you are good at? Or any other thing your little heart desires in this bad economy.

Last year I started looking around trying to find ways to supplement my income in this bad economy. Don't get me wrong I make good money at my driving job. I am one of the lucky ones who make over $65000 in my job and I have good benefits. But in the back of my mind I'm always wondering how much longer can this last.

So I started looking around trying to find something on the internet that I could do in my spare time from my truck, on my laptop, or when I was at home. Then I stumbled across a website that showed me how I could start my own website and earn extra money. At first I was skeptical. Other than knowing how to turn a computer on and how to surf the web I had no ideal how to go about starting a web page or what it would be about.

But I decided to check it out and I'm glad I did. This web page you are reading was built by me with no experience what so ever. The site I stumbled across is Site Build It!

I started it at the 11 years ago and went live with my web page in 2009.  Can you believe it, this entire website is costing me less than one dollar a day. And you would not believe the material they give you for free after you signup. This is a complete course and if you chose you don't have to buy anything extra this is a complete course I have not spent one dime on anything extra for this site it was all included in the cost and that's good news in this bad economy.

The key is to choose a subject you love (hobby, passion, topic, etc.) and build a content-rich, informative site or blog about it.

Here's an example. Say you love fishing. You could create a "how to" site on fishing that provides all the tips and techniques one needs to become a successful fisherman.

Then you'd make money by joining affiliate programs that offer fishing related products. Link to these products from your site and earn commissions when your visitors buy through your links.

Next time you are on your favorite site look for a link usually on the bottom of the page sometime at the top that says Affiliate. If you see this link that company will pay you a commission to sell there product or service. You do not have to buy anything from them or stock there product. Most are free to join.

You can also earn money from programs like Google AdSense (I get paid every time someone clicks on one of those Google ads you see on this page) or having other Webmasters advertise on your site. The possibilities are endless! Thousands of people (including myself) make a living from affiliate marketing.

Blogging vs Website Build a real, long-term web-based business reach your goal in the most time-and dollar-effective way possible.

Bad Economy

Update now offers a monthly payment option in addition to the yearly option.

I know there is a lot of info to take in (SBI does have a ton of extremely useful stuff to read and do) and a bit of a learning curve if you're starting out at never having built a website in your life (like me, I didn't have a clue). So, to break it down here.

I could go on an on about SBI but they have a Videos that can explain it far better than I can.

Some case studies of other SBI sites Real-world experience of people just like you. The case studies here are detailed recounting of individual SBI! experiences, each in their own words, in their own styles in this bad economy.

WHAM (Work At Home Mom) video. If you wife or girlfriend is a stay at home mom they can do this too.

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