Bad Trucking Companies

Bad Trucking Companies

Some companies have a high turnover rate for drivers, and these companies should be avoided. Drivers are leaving for a reason. When you are new to driving the best thing you can do is stick it out for at least one year, two years is better. Build up your driving experience. The reason, once you start quitting an jumping from one company to another it will be harder for you to get another job. Most other companies will not hire you with less than six months experience at the bare minimum. But when your new to trucking how do you know which companies are good and which ones are bad. I'm not going to name these trucking companies because I have never worked for them. it would be hearsay on my part. But if you search around in different trucking forums you will find a wealth of information about trucking companies.

Beware of these Trucking Jobs Scams

But if you have personal knowledge of a bad company please share them with your fellow truckers here, and maybe save them the trouble of going through what you went through.

No career choice is 100% perfect. Trucking is no different, what one driver finds to be a drawback, another will find it to be a plus. Only you will know what your tolerance level is for all the nuances that accompany the kind of unique career trucking offers.

Hear a crazy ideal do you work for a great company and want to share it well here is your chance. Not all trucking companies are bad. Some are great to work with.

Use common sense and post ONLY what you KNOW to be the truth and can PROVE it.

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