by David W. Gray
(Houston, Tx, usa)

I went to work for K&B Transportation in Dec of 2009, they where the rudest people I ever went to work for, but I needed the job so I went to work for them anyway,even though they was telling us that if we was ever late for a delivery we would be fired and they would make sure our DAC would show a very bad report.

If you ran out of hrs they would tell you to tear your log page out and rewrite it too get the hrs, every time time I would get home for my home time they would make me leave early or say they would fire me,and come get the truck,well of course getting treated like that got old pretty fast,so last time at the end of March 2009,was out 2.5 weeks get home on Friday night 11pm,just like always their calling me Saturday morning at noon wanting me to leave home early,when i told them i couldn't, I was told I would be fired and they would come and get the truck,so after be told one to many times I told them where they could go,well they wasn't lying about messing with my DAC report !!

They put all kinds of lies on my DAC,saying i was all ways late for pick ups and delivery which was a totally false ,and that I took the truck to unauthorized location when I was at home for home time !!

Even thou I've been driving for 13yrs with a good driving record,I am having a very hard time getting a good driving job because of their lies on my DAC,they are the worst lying out law company out their,unless you like to always ran illegal get treated bad,and never get home time,stay away from K&B Transportation out of Sue City, Iowa, or south Sue City, Neb, I wish I had listen to my gut,instead of finding out the hard way.

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