Blog vs Website

"WordPress Or SBI!?, Blog vs Website

Do you want to Blog or Build a Business?

WordPress is the best way to blog. But it does not build online businesses. SBI! does.

That, in a single line, is the difference between WordPress and SBI!.

People who want to earn income online tend to drift into blogging because "everyone's doing it." But blogging (or building a site of any kind), is only 1/10th of building an online business.

Blog vs website. This page is for you if...

* you want to build a real, long-term web-based business * you want to reach that goal in the most time-and-dollar-effective way possible * you have an open mind to consider more than just blogging

Everything Else You Need? WordPress Vs. SBI!... Blog vs Website

Buy one website get one free to give away or keep for yourself and have two websites for the price of one

Do you want to build an online business, one that will impact your future? You are going to need a lot more (the "everything else") than blogging software because WordPress does not...

* help you decide if you should be blogging or building a content site (the difference is huge)

* do critical keyword brainstorming/research to develop the best possible Master Keyword List

* assist in site-planning, turning that list into a Site Blueprint before you type your first word

* provide the process and software to evaluate competition intelligently

* give you the tools and guidance to measure your niche's monetization potential

* guide you to the perfect niche (with advanced decision-making software) for your e-business

* show you how to define your positioning, differentiation & voice, leading to the perfect domain name

* help you establish and refine your site hierarchy, including internal linking structure

Blog vs Website

* teach you all about PREselling and how to strengthen the "visitor relationship"...

* give you specialized software to deepen PREselling, such as ... *o e-zine subscription-&-mailouts *o form-building, data storage and autoresponders *o Content 2.0

* show you how to find and use the most valuable conclusions from Traffic Stats * provide unique visitor behavior tools like Click-Through and Click-In tools * help you convert traffic into many streams of income, building growing cash flow and equity.

Download Free SiteSell Books...

After you submit your application Make Your Content PREsell! Everyone should know how to write to communicate but many people believe they cannot write.

Affiliate Masters Course This course teaches folks step-by-step how to become a high-earning independent affiliate marketer by building a high quality content site.

Solo Build It! Home Page The complete page about Solo Build It! which starts the process by explaining what SBI! is then leads the customer through Case Studies, process, proof, etc., all the way to the Order Page.

Passion - for Newbies and Solo Proprietor Entrepreneurs This page is ideal for the small business person just starting out (and there are zillions of folks in this boat, looking for a way to make money online).

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