CDL Training

by John
(Forsyth, GA)

There are Trucking Companies throughout the US that will sponsor your training through a Company CDL Training Program. If your application is accepted, you will go to a Company Approved training facility in your area for your CDL Training. During your training you will obtain the Learners Permit and receive your CDL Class A Drivers License. There are National and Regional Carriers that offer this program.

Truck Driver Training: In two to three weeks, complete the classroom and behind-the-wheel training that result in you getting your CDL.

•Turn the tractor-trailer.
•Handle railroad crossings and intersections.
•Drive in city and highway traffic.
•Back up the tractor-trailer.
•Couple and uncouple the tractor to the trailer.
•Inspect your equipment, including the complete pre-trip inspection.
•Test your brakes.
•Shifting Gears

On-the-Job Training with a Certified Driver Trainer: receive on-the-job paid training with a certified trainer. Training pay is competitive and varies by company. For about 60 days you will be a second-seat driver and gain valuable driving experience. After completion of your training program, it's time for you to choose from several career paths available to you:

•Become a company solo driver.
•Become a team driver.
•Lease your own truck.

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