Truth About CDL Trucking

You can get the HIGHEST QUALITY CDL TRAINING for THOUSANDS LESS... and Be CONFIDENT Knowing you are QUALIFIED to drive for the BEST Driving jobs and the best class a driver training.

Every profession has it's pros and cons. Trucking CDL is no different. The trouble is, the "cons" can cost you a LOT of time and money.

On the other hand, the "pros" can accelerate how far you go in your chosen profession of truck driving.

On that note, I just reviewed a copy of Allen Smith's Truth About Trucking program.

There's some great information on there.

Allen covers the following and more...

* Learn How You can Get a Better Education By PAYING LESS MONEY.

* A State by State Listing of The Best Truck Driving Schools

* The Big Leasing SCAM - How the Trucking Companies manage to make Thousands while the driver loses their shirt (and pants).

* Important steps to setting up profitability as an owner/operator from buying your rig to fuel taxes, and everything in between.

* Which smart-trucking-jobs that pay the most for professional truck drivers.

* The BEST and CHEAPEST route for CDL training!

* And Much, Much More...

His program used to be in just a plain old digital ebook. But there was such a strong interest to have it in audio format that he actually brought in an audio production company and got it released ... in fact, it's now a 2 CD set

Great decision as I don't know many who want to be sitting at their computers to read a digital book.


Now truckers, trucking students and anyone just looking into the industry can put the audio into their CD players and review all this.

And I certainly recommend doing so.

The downside is that through nearly 30 years of being heavily involved in the trucking, Allen Smith has obviously been impacted by the pitfalls of the profession ... so his audios do have a bit of a pessimist undertone.

But, as you'll discover, he's as genuinely interested in providing guidance and direction as he is experienced to talk about truck driving.

He's a very sincere and VERY experienced individual.

I recommend taking a peek at what he and his wife Donna have assembled.

At their page, you can also grab a free copy of 3 brief reports: * "Guide to Pros and Cons to Trucking" * "Truck Driving Careers: Choose the Right Truck Driving School or Trucking Company" * "Truck Driving Schools and Student Responsibility" Again, go check out their website for more information ...

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