CDL Practice Test

CDL Practice Test. FINALLY: An Easy Way to Master CDL Test Without Cracking a Book to help you get those smart-trucking-jobs.

A few facts About Practice Test"

Fact #1: Did you know that, according to the Department of Transportation… Less than 10% of ALL the first-time test takers passed the CDL written test the first time?

Now the interesting things is… it’s NOT because you’re a “bad student”. It’s because you don’t yet know the questions that you will find on the actual state test. If you just stay with me for a moment, I’ll show you how to never score below 80% again, ever.

Fact #2: You will get one year unlimited online access to all CDL practice questions and answers. Regardless of whether you are taking the general CDL test, or one of the endorsements (Air Brakes, Hazardous Materials, Combination Vehicles, Doubles and Triples, Tank Vehicles, Passenger or School Bus).

Fact #3: These are actual, (current and updated), questions that you will find on the tests Nationwide. Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986 retained the State's right to issue a driver's license, but established minimum national standards, which States must meet when licensing CMV drivers.

CDL Practice Test

Fact #4: The course is written in plain, simple English... in easy-to-digest-sized practice tests. There's absolutely no fluff! I don't ramble or waste your time in any way. Fact #5: The course contains the Pre-Trip Inspection Cheat Sheet. Discover the complete step-by-step, paint-by-the-numbers, drop-dead easy to use formula to pass the DMV's vehicle inspection test the first time.

Fact #6: And lastly... the course must work for you or I will buy it back anytime within eight weeks at full price. No hassles. No questions asked.


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