Central Refrigation

by Top Gun

Those lying people (with no fathers) at Central Refergeration out of Westlake Utah, after driving for 8 mmonths Central started the "Idle Policy" the policy is after 15 minutes of Idling the company charges the driver a fee, for the fuel used while the driver sleeps . I was never able to get a straight answer as to what the hourly cost to me was. 1st month I got billed $600. I told fleet manager I had to find other employment , he understood, Central has the highest turn over of any trucking company. Central reported I have abandanded my truck in an "Unauthorized Location" its on my Dac, I was told my fleet manager to leave my truck where I had parked it, in a Central Drop yard.

You cannot trust those Central Ref people in Utah.
They lie.

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Oct 15, 2011
Fired for a Mechanical issue
by: Anonymous

I worked for Central Refrigerated and was fired for a faulty tandem locking mechanism.

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