Class A Truck Driver

by Catherine
(Chicago, IL.)

Grace Drivers Leasing out of Milwaukee, WI. is the company I'm writing to you about. Grace Drivers Leasing is a small company with a fleet size of 1 truck and was founded by Mr. and Mrs. A. Terre From Milwaukee, WI. In November, 2010.

Milwaukee, WI. is their home base location and they are planning to open a location in Gray, IN. off of exit 6. Prospective employees this is a company beware, especially for a new or fairly new drivers like myself. I was referred to Mr. Terre through my personal friend, who was a personal friend of Mr. Terre's, who at the time, was currently employed for him as a co-driver. upon me being introduced to Mr. Terre, I was made light of the fact that Mr. Terre was in the process of trying to gain the right to get full authority so that he would be able to to get his business up and running in full swing.

When talking to him, Mr. Terre, explained to me that at the current time he was still being leased to a broker as a driver himself and that he would have his wife send out a application packet to me. He asked me to fill it out and get it back into their office as soon as possible. He then went on to explain that once he gained authority, it would be at that time, he would schedule orientation, obtain more trucks and hire me on as a driver. During this conversation Mr. Terre also explained to me that the paperwork his wife would be sending me was actually a copy of the application for the company he was brokered to and said that he was planning to use their application for his business, he was just going to change the company name on the top of the application, once he was cleared for operation.

Mr. Terre then went on to say, at least if I filled it out, they would have it in files and they would just change the name on all of my paperwork once I went to Wisconsin for the scheduled orientation. In the 3rd week of Nov. 2010, I received a call from Mr. Terre explaining to me that he gained authority and he wanted to know if I was still interested in coming aboard as a driver because he had some work for me if I was interested. He then went on to say, once again, that he Knew that he had not scheduled me for orientation and that I had some unfinished paperwork to be completed but once I went out with my friend, in which we were to operate as a team, and returned at that time I would be scheduled for orientation to change everything over on the paperwork and complete any incomplete paperwork.

He, Mr. Terre assured me not to worry about it he would take care of it. This my DEAR FRIENDS is when everything went down hill. During our trip out the one company truck ran out of fuel 2 days in a row. Yes! 2 days in a row. The first night we ran out of we literally sat/slept in that cold truck, in that cold truck for over 15 hours. We were left to take care of what I thought was suppose to be the companies responsibility. Quote unquote trying to figure out how to get the company truck back started. During this time of being on the radio asking other drivers for help.

The refer we were pulling ran out of fuel. We then contacted Mr. Terre, thinking he would send help in order to save the load but instead we were directed to the side box to get the needed tools and asked to cipher whatever fuel we could out of the tank in order to save
the load.

Unbelievable right? but so very true. At this point I begin to ask questions, asking for the honest truth from my friend. I was told that the truck running out of fuel is something that happens on a regular basis due to the Terre's forming the habit of penny pinching. I was told that they knew the company truck fuel gsuge was inoperable and that the Terre's would put enough fuel on the fuel card to purchase 30 to 50 gallons of fuel at a time on trips averaging 1000 miles or better.

My friend then went on to explain how every time the company truck ran out of fuel it always ran out 1/2 to 1 mile from the truck stop. Then once the truck would breakdown, he would then have to take the fuel cans that were strapped to the back of the catwalk and begin his walk to the truck stop to fill cans sometimes with his own money so that he could try and make an on time or somewhat on time late delivery. He said that he was always reinvested his money for the fuel, but never was offered anything extra for the time he spent handling their responsibility of getting their company truck running.

This is not the icing on the cake though. My friend then spoke of one trip that really bothered him. He explain while on this trip a load was late because of highway shutdown, due to a accident, and he also suffered a breakdown from lack of fuel due to their negligence. The following week he went to collect his pay and he was presented a breakdown of explanations for the deductions on his check. This is when he was told they were charged for the load being late so it was taken out of his check and that time road service had to be called out because he couldn't get the truck started, so the road service call was also charged to him, QUOTE UNQUOTE, the driver. ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGIOUS!!!!!

Alot to ask of some who's suppose to be your friend especially since no contract was signed saying that if we fail to fuel our truck and we send help or the load is late because the highway is closed you get charged because we are a new company seeking free labor. My DEAR FRIENDS, this isn't a joke. I've seen it with my own eyes and have experienced it for myself because the very next day after spending all those hours of being stranded we ran out of fuel on a mountain ridge in Kentucky. This time we had to cipher fuel from the reserve tank to make it 3 1/2 miles up the road to the truck stop.

I returned home after delivering loads throughout Florida, and Kentucky and 3 weeks go by and I received no phone call about orientation or my pay check because I knew I would not be caught in that truck again. I proceeded to call about my pay because I had a sick feeling that I would not be paid for the work that I had performed. Finally I received a call from his wife. The conversation started out with a breakdown of why she thought I should not be paid. Her explanations included they did not have all of my paperwork, in which they did not send Quote Unquote W2 FORMS!!!!, not attending a orientation, Quote Unquote they did not schedule!!!!, and all of my completed paperwork they had on file had another name on top of it. Quote Unquote the paperwork that was mailed to me by them, all of which he assured would be taken care once I delivered the loads to which they were paid well for. Drivers please steer clear of this company so none of this happens to you!!!!!

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