Cleaning up your DAC report

by Jerry Weatherly

I did just that and you can do it all free of charge and on the computer by filing a complaint with HIRERIGHT. I filed a complaint against a trucking co for truck abandonment on my DAC REPORT. That company had 30 days to respond. They didn't. Hireright sent me a letter saying it was dismissed on DAC.I no longer have the abandonment on my record.

You can do all this on the computer with HIRERIGHT. Just go to the web site and file a complaint or obtain a free copy of your DAC report. Hireright sent me a new report with that abandonment gone.!!!! You will be amazed at what some of these trucking companies will put on your DAC record.Be safe-be careful jerjer59

P.S.They also will send you copy of your MVR as well along with your report.And any company that has requested the info on you when applying for job.I got several reports already within a couple months.

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Apr 24, 2018
Guilty unless given no holds barred to prove true innocence NEW
by: Anonymous

There was a time I would have been surprised at what a company would put in a DAC report until I long after the fact personally experienced two previous employers spitefully falsifying my DAC report while not at the least bit given the benefit of a doubt by Hireright for the driver's sake.It's like a company's Word against us the driver, the company is accepted as telling the truth over the driver. Any one can tell a lie, even a company on its drivers because the driver won't otherwise will not take contrary safety risk at the request of unprofessional dispatchers. Signed Ronny G. Of Jackson, Ms

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