CSA 2010 a big one sided headache

by Chris
(Mohawk, TN)

I got stuck in 8-of 2009 no big deal I never been to the area before. I make a right at a 4 lane road 2 in 2 out I had a half mile to get to the drop point I pass a Mcdonalds and as the road curves it turned to a 2 lane road. Then I can see the lights of the warehouse but had to make a sharp left. Well I got stuck a police man came and then dot came I had no violations and he just wrote up the report that I got stuck and had to get pulled out. I asked him if I will get a ticket and he said no that they should put up a sign because they get one truck a week here stuck and told me have a nice day.

Now a year later this csa2010 law makes a big deal and now I have to go clear myself so I can get my dream job. If they would have did their job and put up a sign none of this would have happened. I know they know how to put up signs cause they sure put up no parking signs up everywhere. So how can I clear my name?

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