CSA 2010

What is CSA 2010  and how does it apply to truck drivers.

Tens of thousands of drivers will lose their Jobs when CSA rating system is implemented.

Beginning July 2010, the FMCSA will implement Comprehensive Safety Analysis or CSA 2010- an initiative aimed at improving large truck and bus safety, and ultimately reducing commercial motor vehicle related crashes, injuries and fatalities.


WASHINGTON-The federal government's new proposed Comprehensive Safety Analysis of how it rates trucking companies and drivers is being delayed, much to the relief of the trucking industry.

Dubbed CSA 2010, the new program is now going to be rolled out in phases, starting Nov. 1 and into next year. So the program effectively now becomes CSA 2011.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) originally planned to begin implementation of their new safety overhaul, in July 2010 and to have all states fully functional by December. It now appears full implementation could be delayed until spring, or even summer, of 2011.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced that full implementation of CSA will be delayed to 2011. The agency’s original plan was to begin implementing the program in July 2010 and to have all states fully functional by December of this year. It now appears that although certain phases of CSA 2010 will begin this fall, full implementation will not be completed until spring or perhaps summer of 2011.

The new CSA 2010 approach will:

*Directly monitor the safety and performance of individual drivers

*Address problem drivers based on their records across multiple employers

*Hold both motor carriers and drivers responsible for safety and performance

How Does CSA 2010 Driver Enforcement Process Work?

The driver enforcement process provides FMCSA with the tools to identify problem drivers and to verify and address the issues. the new Driver Safety Measurement System enables Safety Investigators (SI) to evaluate roadside performance of drivers across employers over a 3-year period. Using this system, SIs can identify "high profile" drivers with overall poor safety histories, who work for carriers that have been identified as requiring a CSA2010 investigation. If the investigation results verify the driver violation(s), FMCSA takes an enforcement action against that driver,such as a Notice of Violation or a Notice of Claim.

CSA 2010 Driver Safety Enforcement Approach

*Focuses on driver enforcement for serious rule violations,such as driving while disqualified,driving without a valid commerical driver's license,making a false entry on a medical certificate, committing numerous hours of service violations.

*Enforcement action will be taken directly against the driver for these violations. If the carrier is also determined to be a responsible party, it may also receive enforcement action.

* Looking ahead, FMCSA plans to identify and intervene with unsafe drivers beyond the pool of drivers that are addressed in conjunction with motor carrier interventions.

Making Carriers Aware of Driver Safety Performance

Beginning in late 2009, FMCSA's Commercial Drivers Pre-Employment Screening Program will provide carriers with individual drivers' safety performance histories with previous employers. These "Driver Profile" contain important driver data including crash and inspection histories for individual drivers. Under the program, a driver would authorize FMCSA to release this information to carriers through a third party contractor. Drivers will also be able to obtain their own crash and inspection file through the third party or through a FOIA request with FMCSA.

What will mean for YOU ?


Drivers could face ALL of the above negative consequences if you do not begin taking action NOW to implement and follow a measurable, results-oriented safety program, under the coming guidelines.

CSA 2010

Moving from Carrier to Carrier will not keep your safety rating from being affected. Your eating will follow you from company to company.

Don't be one of the thousands of drivers that lose their job. Your DAC Report is your life make sure your driving record is correct and if not begin now to correct the errors.

Most motor carriers and drivers haven't heard of CSA 2010, yet it is quite massive in its scope, and represents a major change in the way the FMCSA audits companies.

Perhaps the most profound change, and how this affects individual drivers are going to be audited and each will be given a personal safety rating. This personal safety rating will determine weather or not the driver is considered eligible to continue driving or requires some sort of intervention.

CSA 2010 intends to use new data--such as information from police accident reports about driver-related factors contributing to a crash--and improve existing data sources--by, for example using its database of licensed commercial drivers to identify all drivers with convictions for unsafe driving practices, as well as the carriers they work for--to enable a more precise assessments of safety problems.

CSA 2010 will support evolving and new enforcement and compliance efforts. For example:

1. Carriers from Canada and Mexico that operate in the United States under open border agreements will be rated under CSA 2010 in the same way as U.S. carriers.

2. Violations found through audits of new entrants will be used in the CSA 2010 safety measurement system

3. Data sources related to 7 Core Behavioral Areas of CSA 2010 will be developed to focus attention on drivers qualifications, a key FMCSA policy area.

It is anticipated that full implementation of CSA 2010 by FMCSA will begin on or around July 1, 2010.

16 violations that FMCSA has determined will result in an automatic audit failure.

The list includes:

1) Failure to implement an alcohol and/or controlled substances testing program.

2) Using a driver known to have an alcohol content of 0.04 or greater to perform a safety-sensitive function.

3) Using a driver who refuses to submit to an alcohol orr controlled substance test required under part 382.

4) Using a driver known to have tested positive for a controlled substances.

5) Failing to implement a random controlled substances and/or alcohol testing program.

6) Knowingly using a driver who does not possess a valid commercial drivers license.

7) Knowingly allowing, requiring, permitting, or authorizing an employee with a commercial driver's license which is suspended revoked, or canceled by a state or who is disqualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle.

8) Knowingly allowing, requiring permitting, or authorizing a driver to drive who is disqualified to operate a motor vehicle.

9) Operating a motor vehicle without having in effect the required minimum levels of financial responsibility coverage.

10) Operating a passenger-carrying vehicle without having in effect the required minimum levels of financial responsibility coverage.

11) Knowingly using a disqualified driver.

12) Knowingly using a physically unqualified driver.

13) Failing to require a driver to make a record of duty status.

14) Requiring or permitting the operation of a commercial motor vehicle declared "out of service" before repairs are made.

15) Failing to correct out-of-service defects listed by truck drivers in a driver vehicle inspection report before the vehicle is operated again.

16) Using a commercial motor vehicle not periodically inspected.

A carrier who fails an audit is notified within 45 days and given 60 days to correct the problem or lose its operational authority. Passenger carriers and HazMat haulers are given only 45 days to correct violations.

FMCSA will check compliance with requirements related to insurance, accidents reports, equipment and maintenance records, driver qualifications, CDL, license standards,truck drivers records of duty status,drug an alcohol testing, and hazardous materials, if applicable.

Under these new rules a carrier automatically fails if an auditor finds a single occurrence of these violations. The FMCSA looked back at audits conducted in a recent five year period and estimated that 47.9% would have been failures under the new rules.

So you can see that the CSA initiative represents a major change for carrier and drivers. It is important to note that the FMCSA is collecting data right now for the purpose of scoring its initial audits next year. That's right. Even though the initiative is one year away, what companies and drivers are doing right now will be factored into the CSA 2010 audit.

CSA 2010 will be looking at the last 36 months of your driving record including roadside inspections to determine your safety score. So what you do now will affect your safety rating when CSA 2010 is implemented.

Violations that occur in the last 12 months will have the point value tripled in the calculation of your safety score.

CSA 2010: The Point System

FMCSA officials have assigned point values for various violations that truckers may have noted on inspections or on crash reports. Here’s a list of some of the point values.


* Following too close – 392.2 ----------- 5 Points

* Violating OOS order – 392.5(c)(2)--------10 Points

* 60/70-hour rule – 395.1(o)---------------7 Points

* Failure to include driver signature or certification in duty status records – 395.8(d)(5)--------------------------2 Points

* Failure to list main office address in duty status records – 395.8(d)(7------2 Points

* Driver failing to retain previous * 7 days’ logs – 395.8(k)(2)---------------5 Points

* No medical certificate – 391.41(b)(3)----1 Points

* Inoperative tail lamp – 393.9(a)---------6 Points

* Failure to display current CVSA Decal: Permanent Authority – 365.511------------4 Points

* Periodic inspection – 396.21-------------4 Points

States now testing, Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey and Kansas.

Here are a few things you can do now to help start preparing you for what is coming this summer.

1) Operate your truck legally, pay special attention to your hours of service.

2) Don't speed, tailgate, weave in and out of traffic or do anything else that would cause you to be singled out for a roadside inspection.

3) Do a good pre-trip inspection on your truck and trailer and record it in your logbook.

4) Remember whatever you do will now be reflected on your companies rating as well as yours.

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