DAC is a black list

by george

DAC and credit reports are the same way people can lie and cheat hard working people out of persueing a good job and basic. happieness a BLACKLIST

And telling driver not to apply to a job unless they are really interested is stupid i applied to a otr job that claimed they had state of the art equipment which was wierd all. I saw was equipment that didn't even work and as being in just the orrintation they tryed blameing me even after thier safety leader could not hook and release thier trailer that is when to things came to mind one this won't change thier equipment was crap and iwas getting blamed and two out in the stream of runs that won't even change they will blame the driver instead of thier equipment and that means i will be loosing money as well so i was trying to get out of it the applying. some company just straight lie but they can keep doing it and keep making money but those same companies lie on a driver and basically end a persons career .Unless this driver has money coming out his a*# to pay for a legal snake tp fix those lies why don't that same lawyer do something more helpful and get the DAC banded

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