Danny a truck driver

by danny
(Cincinnati OH)

My name is Danny and I have a horrible DAC report. I have filed complaints with the FTC and disputes with Hire Right. It takes an act of god to change anything on it. I am not perfect by any means and got caught up in the turnover in the first half of this decade. Who didn't times were much better than now and industry wide the rate was well over 100%. Here are a few of the highlights on my DAC report that are untrue and I supplied information in my dispute but can't change it:

Coretrans of Somerset KY reports me as: Quit under dispatch, Company policy Violation, Log Violations, Quit while on probation, and request personal contact so they can smear my name. The log clerk and an operations manager even told a place I had applied to over the phone I failed a drug test. I got 6 years of recorded drug test with the her 4 in the Navy all passed with flying colors. I have never taken anything stronger than an aspirin in my life.

I worked there from Aug 2007 to Aug 2008. When they hired me we had an understanding I was going to be off to lay some cable. I was off approx 55-65 days during the year I was employed there. We had agreed it would report as one job. Instead they report it as two jobs with those characteristics of employment for only 60 days in length each. I was fired for refusing to break hours of service rules in late Aug 2008, I was ordered to work beyond 70 hours in an 8 day period, it wasn’t a little either it would have been over 20 hours with the back haul. The company has a DOT score of 99 with 3 fatality accidents currently and at the time (accident off DOT
score now) had just had a fatality in NC that killed a child in a 7 car pile up that left 11 people injured, link enclosed Tractor Trailer Driver Is Sued
. I took my own safety in my hands and was fired for it. I supplied Hire Right with 10 months of logs all audited by retired DOT officers proving I had no violations, but DAC did not change because Coretrans is the customer and pay to keep the bad information on me. The truck was on the only company yard when I was fired. In the application I signed a document limiting my rights of due process to Pulaski KY their hometown. Not one lawyer will touch it there and the courts are in their back pockets. FTC found my complaint has merit but does not settle individual consumer complaints for DAC .

Other Mistakes that go uncorrected by DAC

* Castle Creek a tanker company in LA is reporting two months on me. I have never had a tanker endorsement or hazmat in my life. Both are required by law to drive their equipment because they hauled gas. Company is out of Biz and I can’t get it removed for seven years.

* JB Hunt reports an accident with no tow, no damage, no police report, no witness, and JB agreed to remove it yet DAC hasn’t and it was five years ago. A dispatcher got mad at me and DACed me.

* Schneider National reports me as an employee for a month five months before I got a CDL. All I did was go to a driving school for a day and left when they showed me a contract to sign saying I would have to work there a year at 25 cents per mile or pay them $6,500 for the training. I got the training at home for $1,800.

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Sep 16, 2015
by: Ben

It's difficult enough to find work as a truck driver, not to mention if you have a horrible DAC report, but you seem to have it figured out! What advice would you have for novice truck drivers who want to prepare to work for http://www.landstar.com/ ? Also, could you please write a list of the 10 most common mistakes beginner truck drivers tend to do, and how to avoid them?

Apr 01, 2013
Pure Agreement
by: Anonymous

Danny it was a joy to read your story. It is bs how HireRight and the trucking industry can put whatever they want on a report and slander drivers.

Jun 03, 2011
DAC should be outlawed
by: Ralph Furman

DAC is used to by employers to destroy peoples lives, Its used by unrightious people to extort drivers they disagree with. Its a powerful weapon used by companies to destroy people with little or no recourse with little or no proof or substance. DAC should be made an illegal enterpise.; Truck drivers unite, call your congressman.

Mar 28, 2011
Dac-report is one of the works of the DEVIL!
by: Anonymous

I worked for a company that i had a few accidentd with but was not my fault. These companies never use better morals decisions and ruin my dac report..Do like i do change carrers and let the transportaion industry crash ..Dac can ruin lives like everything else in this world so dont be surprised..I bet in a few they will hire illegal aliens to work for nothing and they dont have to be in the system ..

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