by John Hayes
(Denver, CO)

1. I only had two weeks of driving experience and swift Denver terminal sent me to the south during the recent ice storm, knowing I had no experience and when ever I got stuck it was counted against me, in turn it messed up my DAC report now I cant even get a job.

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May 30, 2012
grow up!
by: Anonymous

You can be taught a lot of things about driving, but common sense is a vital tool, no company is going to force you to drive on ICE and risk losing a life or equipment. Not sure how you made this someone elses fault. but maybe you should think about this, you were the one behind the wheel and it was your choice alone to proceed in unsafe conditions. Take responsibility for your own actions and grow up.

Apr 21, 2011
Swift pulled a swift one
by: jerjer59

They should had known better than to send any driver out when its a ice storm.Had it been me,i'd had just went as far as i could and called in that roads are too icy to travel,but send as a message on qualcom so you got proof it was sent.They keep trying to force you,then you have positive proof to show DOT what they are doing.You can fight that dac report.I fought it with a company and won.Hireright took over DAC now.Just go to internet and search ( and file a complaint against Swift.Its easy and I got an anbandoment of equipment off my record.Hireright filed my complaint and this company had 30 days to respond.The trucking company didnt.Hireright sent me a letter that the abandoment was off my record.It costs nothing to get this report from Hireright whom use to be DAC.Jusy get on their web site and request your report and or file a complaint.

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