by John
(Grand Rapids)

I do not have any tickets or a bad rep in a semi but this is ridiculous. To implement it is a good idea in part but to go back 3 years on driver’s records should not be allowed. How is the government going to instill a new program and go back on your record 3 years? With the health care bill, you have to pay at the start of the implementation but get no coverage for five years. To have this implement and the government can go back on drivers records is just BS for the lack of any better term. Just another way the government is starting to screw us, it’s hard enough to pay the bills now. Now the government is going to instill a program that will put est. 175,000 drivers out of work, why does the government not just implement CSA 2010 and from the date of implementation on will be the record of a driver’s mistake. Drivers cannot change mistakes they made in the past but given the chance most would improve. How many drivers have told there company that a light was out or something minor was wrong with the vehicle and the company told them to "just go" or "deal with it"? It has happened to me a couple times, what is a driver suppose to do, not work and take the chance of getting fired for a tail light? Some of the things that drivers will be getting penalized for are just stupid. Sure this may be good to weed out seriously bad drivers but it will greatly affect the industry and the good drivers as well.

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