by Ken

The trucking industry has been under the gun ever since the birth of MADD came into effect. I can't for the life of me understand how trucking effects MADD or there role in the trucking industry. In fact most drivers who see a drunk on the highway will call 911. They are sometimes the eyes and ears for what could be disaster and saves lives.

The government has been trying to take control of the trucking industry for years but could not we had people like Jimmy Hoffa to stand up for us. We need another.

We don't need the government to intervene in the industry? The sad fact is we do not have any one to stand up for drivers.

The country is suffering right now and we need to concentrate on more important things like unemployment or the state of our country's survival.

What's the answer well I do agree that we don't need unsafe drivers or faulty equipment but it should be done by the trucking industry not the government they can't run the country. Why do they think they can solve our problems.

The government has stuck there noses into ever part of our lives and we let them so stand up drivers and take a stand. Don't let them take any more control of drivers than is needed.

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