by Rob
(Dallas, Texas)

I have 2 felonies 1 for credit card abuse and one for theft over 100k and am currently on probation for the later and was able to secure a driver position with Martin Transportation systems out of Grand Rapids Mich. I currently work out of the Grand Prairie, Tx., Terminal. I have 17 years exp. And actually this is the best company I have ever worked for. 3600 to 3800 miles every week and home every weekend and great benifits. Our equipment is not the best but unfotunantly a lot of the drivers they hire (excons) donot take care of the trucks which gives the rest of us a bad name. I don't care if anyone else will hire me cuz I love this place and plan on staying put.I also was able to get a job previously with williams construction company in texas they are one of the largest hyway constrution company here. I also know a lady that is an excon that owns a staffing company here in dallas tx called cdl driving solutions that will hire felons and many of her accounts will eventually hire the drivers she sends.all the companies I just listed will hire felons as long as its not afelony involving a vehicle. I have found that the way you present yourself makes all the difference.

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by: Anonymous

We live in the MIDWEST. Glad that you are able to find a job that will give you a chance.

I just feel that my husband fe1l through the cracks with this insulin thing. No one told him until it was too late. We have a child that has a lot of medical problems and we were having problemsm etc. It has been on Nov. 6, 6 months since he was let go. We are getting very near our insurance benefits. The government and the union haven't been very prompt about returning our calls. With no unemployment it is looking very ugly. I started substitute teaching and only had 3-1/2 days this school year. I might have a job in a library for about 10-12 hours a week at $9.90 per/hour.

Local 150 started having classes start up. He took the class for snowfall removal at O'Hare. Again, still waiting for the insulin waiver.

Thanks for the support.

David's Wife

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